11th Mar 2014 /
by Wilson Amplifiers / Comments

Wilson 460101 DT4G and 461104 AG Pro Quint

Hello, everyone. 

Thank you for your patience. We're starting to receive regular shipments on the Wilson 460101 DT4G and 461104 AG Pro Quint. We're fulfilling preorders as fast as we can and expect a 2-3 week delivery delay, because demand is pretty high. These products are the new and improved FCC-certified Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters. The DT4G and it's bigger brother, the AG Pro Quint handles most US carriers (except Clearwire and Nextel).

Honestly, there's no better name in the market. Wilson Electronics has been delivering over 40 years of innovation and reputable engineering in the wireless communication industry. It's made and assembled in the good old US of A. Unlike the competition who arrived late to the game, Wilson is a trusted leader in amplifiers, the first to innovate as everyone else plays catchup. That's why Wilson proudly offers a two-year warranty and support second to none.