6 Life Saving Reasons to Get Good Cell Phone Signal
20th Sep 2019 /
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6 Life Saving Reasons to Get Good Cell Phone Signal

6 Life Saving Reasons to Get Good Cell Phone Signal

How lucky are we to live in an age when technology keeps us connected at all times? In the unlikely event of an emergency — ranging from running out of toilet paper to full-on apocalypse — help is only a phone call away. Whether we’re at home or away, the comfort of knowing that safety is within reach cannot be underestimated.

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Is my Landline Enough in an Emergency?

Landlines provide at least a base level of safety, but just ask the pawns from the first act of any slasher movie — home telephones have their shortcomings. Power lines go down, wires get cut, and we’re all at the mercy of whatever misfortune is causing us to call for help in the first place. Emergency preparedness is just another reason why landlines are joining the ranks of cable television and corporate chain restaurants on the downhill spiral to tech oblivion.

Will my cell phone keep me safe?

Cell phone users are free from the cords and flaws of old fashioned landlines. As more people make the switch to full-time cell phones, the strength of that signal is becoming more and more vital. The only thing getting in the way of your 911 call is a weak or nonexistent signal. Things like weather, wilderness, and building materials can block the radiofrequency waves that carry your cell phone signal, but fortunately, there’s an easy fix for that: cell phone signal boosters.

Stay connected with a signal booster for emergencies

Cell phone signal boosters keep you connected when and where you need it most, whether it’s at home, the office, or even aboard your vehicle. So many masked maniacs could have been foiled in the first act of those aforementioned slasher films if they’d only had a signal booster, sure, but what about real life? Storms, fires, intruders, injuries, or any array of emergencies can require the swift assistance of proper authorities — and the cell phone signal necessary to complete the call.

Protect yourself and the ones you love with a reliable cellular signal. It might be small children in your home, or older kids away at college. Perhaps it’s an aging parent or grandparent, or simply a close friend. You can’t be with them every second of every day, but you can be prepared for the worst.

1. Emergency signal boosters for storms and natural disasters

Serious weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are scary enough — keeping a signal booster on hand will ensure that you never get cut off from the help you need.

2. Emergency signal boosters protect against intruders

Getting in touch with the police is priority number one in the event of a home invasion. Speed matters when every homeowner's worst nightmare comes true, and those precious moments can’t be wasted searching for a solid signal. In addition, home security and alarm systems frequently require cellular connectivity, so a signal booster might just be the extra step that truly keeps your home secure.

3. Emergency signal boosters for accidents or injury

From fires to slip-and-falls, accidents come in many shapes and forms. When injuries and illness strike, you can’t afford to waste time trying to find a signal. Once again, a quality cell phone signal booster helps to keep you connected to the life-saving emergency services you need, when you need them most.

4. Emergency signal boosters for car trouble and camping

Who hasn’t run out of gas or blown a tire? Vehicles are susceptible to a laundry list of issues and accidents, and mobile signal boosters can ensure that you get the help you need — whether it’s from AAA or an ambulance.

Our selection of vehicle signal boosters ranges all the way from sedan to RV, and everything in-between. Lost in the mountains? Stuck in a snowstorm? Snakebite at a campsite? Every emergency deserves immediate attention, and a signal booster helps to connect you quickly to the service you need.

5. Preserve your battery life with an emergency cell signal booster

Battery life is just as important as signal strength in an emergency. A cell phone signal booster slows your battery from draining as it searches for a signal. Poor signals suck the life out of your battery as it works overtime to connect — a proper signal booster not only keeps you connected, but it preserves the battery life you have by skipping the search.

6. Emergency signal boosters are stress-busters

Stress is terrible for your health, but it’s also inevitable. Lighten your daily load with the peace of mind that comes with preparedness. Simply knowing that you’re ready for the unexpected takes a huge weight off of your shoulders. Take the worry out of the every day, and if disaster does strike, your preparedness will help you to keep calm and make the best decisions for the situation.

First Responders need emergency signal boosters, too

Civilians aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from a signal booster - first responders need to receive the call in the first place. Especially in large-scale emergencies, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders need to stay in contact with dispatchers. First responder signal boosters ensure that help is on the way after the call is made.

Strong cell phone signals save lives

While dropped signals are annoying when you’re streaming videos or texting friends, they can be life-threatening in an emergency. There are so many reasons to invest in a cell phone signal booster just for the many daily conveniences — but safety and security present a much more immediate need. Cell phone signal boosters take the stress out of the mobile experience, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark when your phone call really matters.

You don’t have to go bomb-shelter-level preparedness — they would be a great addition to your bomb shelter if you have one, though — but a proper cell phone signal booster can extend your coverage in a pinch. All it takes is an easy, one-time purchase, with no subscription required. Installation is simple and our signal boosters require little to no maintenance over time. So while we hope your biggest emergency means googling “emergency substitution for eggs” in a cookie recipe, keep those cell phones strong and stay connected with a cell phone signal booster.

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