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Ambulance & EMS Cell Phone Booster Kits

on May 10, 2013

For EMS Vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks, there are many options available. The two to consider are the Pre-Built Ambulance Kit and custom EMS kits. The Pre-Built Ambulance Kit is designed especially for ambulances but it can work well for all large EMS vehicles. While this kit is good for most EMS situations, many users may require something more specialized. Custom EMS Kits allows for tailoring each component to specific needs.

The Mobile SOHO Ambulance Kit (Wilson 841295) is designed for ambulances as well as other large EMS vehicles. It has all components required for a complete system. This kit includes the powerful SOHO 60 amplifier (Wilson 801245), an interior panel antenna with wall mount (Wilson 301135), a 12 inch NMO mounted exterior antenna (Wilson 301104) and the 3/4 inch NMO exterior antenna mount with 14 foot RG58 cable (Wilson 901102). This particular antenna mount requires drilling a 3/4 inch hole on the top of the vehicle. The amplifier included in this kit is capable of providing a signal boost throughout a small to medium sized building or residential home making it very powerful and reliable. It is designed to work for all North American 2G/3G cellular carriers except for those which utilize AWS, iDEN or WiMax technologies.

Custom EMS Kits allows for tailoring each component to specific needs. A custom kit requires the separate purchase of an amplifier, an exterior antenna, an interior antenna and cables to connect these components and provide power. It may also require the purchase of connectors in some situations. Signal boosting solutions recommended for EMS vehicles are wireless multi-user systems so that they can transmit the enhanced cellular signal throughout the entire vehicle.

There are two amplifiers recommended for EMS vehicles. These are the SOHO 60 which is included in the Pre-Built Ambulance Kit above and the Mobile Wireless (Wilson 801212). The SOHO 60 is more powerful and recommended for either very large EMS vehicles or remote areas where cellular signal is very poor. The Mobile Wireless is recommended for smaller EMS vehicles or a small area within an EMS vehicle. Both of these amplifiers work for North American 2G/3G carriers (all excluding AWS, iDEN and WiMax) and they both utilize FME-Male connectors.

For exterior antennas, recommended are the spring-mounted trucker antenna (Wilson 301133), the NMO mounted trucker antenna (Wilson 301112), the 12 inch NMO mounted antenna (Wilson 301104) or the roof-mounted trucker antenna (Wilson 301119). The spring-mounted trucker antenna and the two NMO mounted antennas both require the purchase of a separate mount. The roof mounted antenna includes a mount and requires drilling a hole through the roof. For the spring-mounted trucker antenna, there are three mounts available but recommended for an EMS vehicle is the 3-way mount mirror mount (Wilson 901104). NMO mounting options for include the 3/4 inch NMO Mount (Wilson 901102) which requires drilling a 3/4 inch hole, the 3/8 inch NMO Mount (Wilson 901103) which requires drilling a 3/8 inch hole and the NMO Trunk Mount (Wilson 901101) which mounts onto the trunk lip of a car. All of these mounts include a 14 foot RG58 cable and have a FME-Female connector.

For interior antennas, the recommended option is entirely dependent on the amplifier which is purchased. For the more powerful SOHO 60 amplifier, the wall mounted panel antenna (Wilson 301135) is recommended and for the Mobile Wireless amplifier, the low-profile antenna (Wilson 301127) is recommended. The panel antenna is designed for in-building solutions so they allow for a very large range and should be able to provide the boosted cellular signal to anywhere within an EMS vehicle. The low-profile antenna (aka “Hershey Bar Antenna”) is included with the Mobile Wireless amplifier. It is designed for a small area as it has a range of 3-8 feet.

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