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19th Feb 2014 /
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Amplifier Systems: Choosing the Right Fit

What is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of an amplifier? In most cases, it’s a car or guitar stereo amplifier. In essence, amplifiers are any such device that boosts the potency of wireless signals. Hundreds of different amplifiers are present in the market for varying circumstances and usage. People often fail to realize situations in which they’d benefit from an amplifier. All you needed was a simple cellular signal booster so you could get a reliable signal while driving. How do you choose from among the hundreds of available choices though? That’s what we’re here for.

The Various Types

Amplifiers, as stated previously, come in hundreds of different types, each with separate applications. In most cases, amplifiers are divided into categories with respect to their input and output categories. The electronic device takes input and converts the same into a more powerful output through amplification of the original. This can be done with signals of any kind. Radio and television transmitters are some of the more common usages of amplifiers.

How Do They Boost it?

Most of us do not have the technical know-how of the inner workings of an amplifier. But by now, you’re probably curious as to how the amplifier actually boosts the signals. Without delving into too much technical stuff, in simple words, an amplifier takes energy from power supply. Then, it recreates the original signal, matching the shape of the original input signal and subsequently creates a larger copy of the original signal. A common misconception is that the amplifier modifies the original signal. In reality, a separate amplified version of the input signal is generated by the device.

A Cellular Amplifier

And now, finally, we come to the part you came here for. Getting bad reception on your phone when you really need to talk to your boss can be extremely annoying. Most people are not aware of the fact that amplifiers, more specifically, cellular amplifier can solve all such woes in a jiffy. The main purpose of any amplifier is to boost input signals. The same principle applies to cellular variants: they increase the power of your cell phone’s signal, enabling it to get network connectivity in much wider range than before. Say goodbye to bad connectivity and unclear phone calls once you have a cellular amplifier.

Signals Are Everywhere: Why Amplify?

Well, at this point, one surely wants to point out that, nowadays, there are rarely any regions where cell phone connectivity is not ensured 24/7. What about when travelling in the car or stuck in a packed building, or maybe underground floors? That’s when cellular amplifiers can be a great tool to have right by your side, in case of an emergency. No one wants to be stuck in a building with no cell phone connectivity. In this era of technology, having no cell phone reception is like having a limb cut off!

Moreover, cellular amplifiers don’t just boost signals to make better calls, they boost data connections too. 3G and LTE signals get significant boosts, enabling one to browse and downloaded data at fasters speeds, in case the speed was lower before due to bad reception. The data package boost is good for pretty much any place where you don’t get at least average reception; since calls can be made even when one is receiving low network connectivity levels.

I’m Convinced - Now What?

Good for you! Unfortunately, getting a cellular amplifier is not quite as easy as it sounds. One can’t just go to the nearby shop and purchase a cellular amplifier. The device is available in dozens of different varieties and configurations, making a simple purchase quite an ordeal. That’s what we’re here for though. All information you might need to choose the right cellular amplifier kit for your needs is provided right here; Wilson Electronics has you covered.

Expensive is Better - Not!

A lot of people simply live by the principle that expensive is better. This couldn’t be more wrong, particularly in our case! When considering a purchase of such a device, one needs to evaluate their needs first. The most expensive cellular amplifier might probably be for industrial purposes, and useless for you. Accurate evaluation is the key; you need a system that works the way you want it to work!

Far and Wide

Probably the most critical aspect when choosing a cellular amplifier, range needs to be considered. By this, we mean the distance from your location to the nearest cellular tower. As distance increases, signals get progressively weaker. With more distance, increasingly powerful amplifier systems are needed. Most, if not all, boosters kits have their effective boosting range listed on the packaging. Estimate the range you might need before making a purchase.

Mobile or In-building?

Currently, non-industrial cellular amplifiers are categorized into two primary segments. The mobile category amplifiers do not need much power and are usually battery-operated. The advantage is, of course, mobility; ideal for use in vehicles. Compare to stationary amplifiers, mobile ones have weaker coverage.

The in-building amplifiers require high-power and need to be connected to a power outlet. These are ideal for use in buildings and underground areas where the cellular tower’s signals fail to penetrate. Such amplifiers have a very wide coverage range, and are as such, more expensive in most cases.

Wire or Not to Wire

Signal boosters are now available in both, wired and wireless configurations. Obviously, wired ones are preferable for situations that require mobility. The caveat is that they require more power to cover the intended area, compared to wired solutions. With wired cellular amplifiers, the device is docked and mobility is limited to the length of the wire. These systems require less power and are more economical compared to their wireless brethren.


Contrary to general consensus, one doesn’t need a lot of technical expertise to buy and implement a cellular amplifier. Following the guidelines we provided, buying a booster kit for personal use should be a breeze as long as you do the proper research. Wilson Amplifiers is one of the foremost providers of cellular booster solutions in the market these days. CNET had this to say about our product:

“Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Cellular Amplifier solidly fulfills its promise to boost the signal to your cell phone.”

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