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24th Feb 2014 /
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Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas

That thing sticking up off your car is your antenna and its catching electric power and converting that power into radio waves and back again to electrical power.

The first antenna was built in 1888 by German physicist Henrich Hertz to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves predicted by James Clerk Maxwell. It worked, he proved the waves exist and we are still using his invention today. The word “antenna” means “pole” in Italian, and the modern usage was first coined by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895.

Terms used in antenna science include:

  • Bandwith
  • the ratio between the magnitude of output and input signals
  • Gain
  • the ratio between the magnitude of output and input signals
  • Effective area or aperture
  • how much power an antena captures from a plane wave.
  • Radiation pattern
  • a plot of the relative field strength of the radio waves emitted by the antenna at different angles.
  • Field Regions
  • the space surrounding the antenna
  • Impedance
  • the opposition in an electrical circuit to the flow of alternating current, consisting of resistance and reactance.
  • Efficiency
  • the ratio between the power of the output and total power consumption
  • and Polorization
  • the orientation of the electric field (E-plane) of the radio wave with respect to the Earth's surface. 

Wilson Amplifiers offers outdoor, indoor, vehicle interior and exterior antennas, from 4 inch mini glass mounted antennas to Marine Antenna kits, with cables.

Wilson Amplifiers is an authorized Wilson Electronics distributer working out of Houston since 2011 that only carries genuine, US made, FCC approved and fully warranted Wilson equipment to US and Canadian customers.

All parts and kits are fully supplied and functional upon installation. For instance the Additional Panel Antenna Kit for DB Pro-301155-K1 includes all items required to quickly integrate the additional antenna into a single-antenna amplifier system are included in this kit.


  • Expansion kit for DB Pro 841262 and 841263
  • Designed to be used as an indoor antenna and installed on a wall or other vertical surface
  • Compatibility:
  • Works with 75 Ohm amplifiers and accessories utilizing RG-6 cabling and F-type connectors
  • Supports all carriers transmitting at the following frequency bands:
    • 700-800 MHz, 5.2 dBi Gain
    • 824-894 MHz, 4.4 dBi Gain
    • 880-960 MHz, 4.2 dBi Gain
    • 1710-1880 MHz, 10.0 dBi Gain
    • 1850-1990 MHz, 10.6 dBi Gain
    • 2110-2170 MHz, 8.2 dBi Gain

Package Includes:

Everything is there for a car, house, or business antenna to pick up, receive, and transmit with the appropriate amount of power and signal strength.

Hertz, Marconi, and Maxwell would be proud of what they created more than 120 years ago, as the communication age explodes once again because of their discoveries.

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