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19th Mar 2014 /
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Crackerjack Tricks and Tips to Elevate Lousy Cell Phone Reception

Fed up of crappy cell phone signals? Then do not feel frustrated as most of the people with cell phones suffered the same dilemma. So, all the people out there come out from the shackle of frustration and annoyance as I have simple yet crackerjack tips and tricks that would surely solve this extremely irritating issue. Do not assume that you are out of options just take a peak in the article and find the solution for bad cell phone reception. Now you do not have to be concerned if you are traveling towards dead zones, living in the snowy peaks of Alaska or your work place is in far-flung areas away from the network setup towers. Just sit back, relax and follow the tips to overcome this terrible problem.

Bad cell phone reception is not an issue that your cell phone service provider is going to solve only you can find the resolution for this. The tricks that I am going to share with you would initially sound ordinary to you but later on you will realize that sometimes we ignore basic things and that would lead to the greater problems. Hence, by solving these apparently trivial problems we could find the solution to these problems these seemingly average methods would be extremely helpful in giving you extra bars on your cell phone.

O Crap So the Problem Lays in My Cell Phone: Yes! That is true sometimes we completely ignore this minor point that the problem may have in our cell phone set. Last month I bought a new cell phone and the next day I realized that the signals bars would not increase from two or three, furthermore the cell phone was not getting enough Wi-Fi signals as well. My internet router is placed in the living room and the moment I leave my living room the Wi-Fi signals vanishes. In this confusion and frustration that I met my mobile dealer and found out that the problem was not with the cell phone reception but rather with my cell phone as it was defective.

In addition, sometimes this could happen with your old cell phone set as well if you are using it from ages. So it’s time for you to get rid of your old cell phone set and find a new one for better signals and clear voice quality.

Don’t be Sluggish and Charge Your Cell Phone: You don’t feel like getting up and put your cell phone on charge then do not blame your cell phone service provider company for drop calls or no signals. As sometime due to low charging your cell phone battery could not find the required signal bars. The logic behind this is that our cell phone consumes more power when we are on call rather than when it is on standby so during a call if you experience crappy signals then probably your cell phone is not fully charge and do not have enough power to find the signals. Try to charge your cell phone up to 3 or 4 bars otherwise you will keep facing this irritating issue. Charging your cell phone properly would certainly help you getting an extra bar of signal on your cell phone.

Get a Smart phone Along with Smart Apps: In order to enjoy plethora of smart apps mostly people buy smart phones and that is the reason that the smart phone market is thriving. These smart phones offer numerous types of Apps that shows the signal strength in your area. Sometimes we experience that in some of the places in our house or work place we get enough cell phone signals and we do not face the problem of dropped calls. On the other hands in some places we just can’t find a single bar of signals, so to solve this issue you must download smart applications like “Phone Reception Monitor” and “Signal Measurement” etc to know the exact signal strength in different locations of your house and work place, moreover after knowing the signal strength try to receive or make calls where you get the maximum signal strength.

Yes! Your Smart Phone Offers You Double Treat: Feeling Anxious? Yea you should, who doesn’t want a double treat. So feel great as now your smart phone offers you several smart applications that would certainly enhance your cell phone signals without any hassle. Each day mobile technology improves and this upgrading gives you many benefits like this double treat of knowing the accurate signals strength at your current location along with boosting up the signal strength of your smart phone.

So from your smart phone download smart applications like “Network Signal Repair”, “Fresh Signal”, “RootMetrics”, “Open Signal”, and “Coverage” etc to automatically enhance the signal strength of your cell phone as they are the ultimate signal finder toolkits. These toolkits will not only work as signal finders but offers you much more than that. So for better voice quality and signals download these applications and save yourselves from this extremely annoying problem.

Get Signal Boost Up from Advanced Devices: If none of the above methods work for you then you should go for the advanced signal booster devices like “Amplifier Kits”, “External Antennas”, “Vehicle Signal Booster Kits” and “Femtocell”, etc. These advanced signal booster devices would surely enhance the signal strength in your house, work place and while travelling.

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