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26th Mar 2014 /
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Need a Complete Travel Solution to Wirelessly Enhance Signal Reception? Take a Look at the AG SOHO 801245-T!

Imagine being cut off from all effective communications for even just a few hours. You are bound to feel like an integral body part has been severed without the ability to communicate properly. While communication is almost never cut off completely nowadays, but weak signal reception remains an issue, effectively ruining calls and data transfers on your cell phone. Thankfully, issues stemming from weak or even nearly non-existent cell phone signal reception can easily be resolved through usage of cell phone signal boosters. Currently, a large number of manufacturers are producing signal boosting equipment; foremost among them is Wilson Electronics, the industry leader for the last 40 years.

While people still require boosting solutions to overcome obstructions particularly in buildings with a lot of energy-efficient buildings, the explosion in growth of cell phone signal broadcast towers around every corner has reduced the need for such solutions to a large degree; but what about when you are travelling? People, business professionals in particular, who need to travel to remote locations, are often faced with such situations. Maybe you are a journalist traveling to a remote incident site in an RV and must stay connected throughout; the usual array of fixed signal boosters won’t help in a scenario like this. Recently, industry leaders in the wireless communication equipment industry have begun offering travel signal boosting solutions for precisely such situations.

Mobile Solutions for Cell phone Signal Boosting

The availability of portable boosting solutions has increased tenfold with the increased demand for such equipment. With increased production and demand, manufacturers have also developed a variety of mobile solutions for different situations. Whether you out travelling in a boat, or out camping in a remote location on your RV, you will be able to find appropriate portable solutions for your situation. Let’s take a look at the two major types of mobile signal boosters that are prevalent in the wireless communications industry today.

Cord-free Solutions

These solutions fall into the category of ultra-portable signal boosters, requiring little to no setup. Higher end models of this variety incorporate the internal booster within the antenna. This reduces the size of the equipment considerably, while also providing a cordless solution. These solutions are effective for short range boosting, and you will be faced with issues if more than one phone signal needs to be boosted. Ideal for cars and small boats!

Built-in Solutions

For greater signal boosting power and capability, one can go for built-in solutions that can be installed within larger vehicles and boats. For RVs, mobile homes, camper vehicles, and larger boats, these solutions are ideal. Although, one must remember that, with great power come some drawbacks too. These solutions will need to be installed on the inside to be able to perform effectively. An external antenna, coaxial cables, and an internal signal booster will need to be installed for such a solution. This might seem too much hassle, but the good news is, built-in solutions from reputed manufacturers are able to support nearly all major cell phone networks eliminating worries about choosing the right carrier or a specific booster. More upscale built-in solutions for mobile vehicles now even support the capability of boosting 3G and 4G data networks.

What Do I Choose?

Choosing among the two solutions is simple enough: simply identify the situations in which you are most are most likely to often experience the need for reliable cell phone signals. Once you have decided, the difficult part begins: choosing a specific model from the hundreds of available solutions in each category. Fortunately, we have researched the market extensively and have come up with the foremost solutions in the market today for both categories.

In the ultra-portable signal booster category, one can go with the MobilePro solution from Wilson Electronic with their eyes closed. MobilePro has been very highly rated by pretty much every reviewing authority on the Internet and is the most popular cordless boosting solution today.

Choosing the right built-in solutions for use in vehicles like RVs and trailers can get a little tricky due to the various components involved. Industry leader, Wilson Electronics, comes to the rescue again with the impressive all-in-one boosting solution: the AG SOHO 801245-T kit.

Why the AG SOHO 801245-T Kit?

If you are seeking a robust solution for an RV in particular, the AG SOHO 801245-T blows the rest of the competition right out of the water. One might ask the reason for the kit being ahead of rival offerings. First off, the kit is a Wilson Electronics offerings, this ensures the highest level of quality and reliability one can get in the industry. Second and most importantly, the AG SOHO 801245-T kit offers a complete solution, eliminating the need to search for the external and internal antennas, the necessary connectors, and the required cables.

The kit also features a dual band amplifier at the heart of the system which provides boosting up to a gain of 60 dB. The boosting is easily adjustable by the provided easy-to-use knobs for increased control. Moreover, multiple simultaneous connections are not an issue the with the AG SOHO 801245-T kit, enabling the entire crew to get boosted signals with ease. Another bonus feature that the kit offers is two-way boosting. This means, signals to and from the cellular tower, both get boosted enabling increased strength of signals. 3G data card performance is also boosted along with the regular signal boosting; a great boon for those who need to remain constantly updated through the internet on their smartphones.

The world has always gone for ease-of-use in every aspect of life. Nearly all technological innovations come out with the sole goal of reducing the time and effort consumed to perform tasks. This is precisely why the AG SOHO 801245-T has attained a place in the spotlight since it provides a complete package with all the necessary mountsantennascablesconnectors; the whole shebang!

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