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Top 3 Reasons for Bad Cell Phone Reception and How to Fix It

Dropped calls, line static, poor internet connectivity and slow downloads. Sound familiar? Then you’re most likely a victim of a poor signal.

The problem is worse if you’re a business owner, or perhaps own an apartment building. In the former case, reception problems would make your business lag due to limited connectivity. In the latter case, you may not be able to get tenants – people just wouldn’t want to live at a place where communication problems linger.

So you may be wondering how to fix this annoying problem. We’ll get to that; but before we do, let’s explore the factors that may be causing these signal issues.

1. Tower Proximity

As the number of cell phone users increases so does the demand for more comprehensive coverage. Cities are ever growing, and service carriers are scrambling to put up more towers to provide service to everyone.

Unfortunately the need for cell phone service is rising faster than the rate at which towers can be put up.

2. Dead Spots

The next time you visit your carrier’s store, look for a big colorful map somewhere on the wall. This map shows those areas that fall under the coverage provided by your service provider. You will, of course, see some areas that fall outside of coverage; these areas are called dead spots – regions where you’ll be pointlessly waving around your phone in the air, trying to catch a bar or two.

Dead zones occur whenever there is any kind of obstruction between the user and the cell phone tower or a lack of towers in general.

3. Obstructions

Obstructions can range from being natural to man-made. If it’s in the way, it’s not doing your signal any favors.

Natural obstructions include mountains, hills or even excessive foliage. Man-made obstructions include buildings, walls and other metal or concrete structures as well as any insulation. Tinted windows have also been known to diminish signal strength.

The Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint Adjustable-Gain Signal Booster Kit is the Answer to Your Problems

Wilson, a renowned name when it comes to cell phone signal amplifiers, are set to launch the Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint Adjustable-Gain Signal Booster kit this March. Covering up to 10,000 square feet of area, this kit is sure to improve your signal.

This state-of-the-art signal booster kit includes a five-band wireless amplifier kit that supports the following frequencies:

  • 698-746 MHz
  • 746-787 MHz
  • 824-894 MHz
  • 1850-1995 MHz
  • 1710-1755 MHz
  • 2110-2155MHz

How Can The Wilson 461104 AG Signal Booster Help You?

Your phone may be too weak to pick up cell phone signals, but boosters aren’t. They receive signals from the towers, then amplify and rebroadcast them across an area of up to 10,000 square feet. The vast coverage makes this device excellent for small and large offices alike – as well as apartment buildings.

Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint Adjustable-Gain Signal Booster Kit Features

Ability to boost Voice a well as 3G, 4G and LTE data for American cellular companies (excluding iDEN & WiMax)

  • Built-in support for CDMA, EVDO, GSM, LTE, HSPA+ and WCDMA
  • Greatly reduces the rate of dropped calls, increases the data speed over the network, and widens the signal range
  • Easy to Install – the kit includes everything you need to get started
  • Multiple users can use the device at a time
  • Powerful amplifier that can boost the signal up to an area of 10,000 square feet
  • Adjustable Gain Knobs allow a gain of up to 70dB
  • Strong signals to and from the cell tower
  • Compact device – weighs less than three pounds
  • Protects the cell site from overload
  • Approved by FCC

Included in the Package

  1. Wilson 460004 Five Band Amplifier/Repeater
  2. Wilson 311135 Wall Panel Antenna (Indoor)
  3. Wilson 314411 Yagi Directional Antenna (Outdoor)
  4. Wilson 952360 + 952375 60'+75' Black LMR400 Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable
  5. Wilson 859948 A/C Power Adapter
  6. Instruction Manual

Application of This Device

This powerful device is designed to be used in a mid-sized area (area up to 10,000 square-feet); ideal for homes with several rooms as well as mid-sized businesses.


  • Improved Battery Life of Your Communication Devices – Whenever there’s a weak or no signal situation, your device is forced to continually search for a network to register itself on. This consumes a lot of battery. By boosting your signal, you’ll also be extending your battery life.
  • Easy Installation – Thanks to the Wilson 461104 AG Pro Kit, all of the components to get the signal booster working are included in the kit – the installation guide is self explanatory; making the installation a breeze.
  • Cost Effective – You’ll only have to pay a one-time cost, just to purchase the kit. No monthly or annual charges need to be paid. This makes the kit a very cost-effective solution to your signal problem.
  • Maximized Productivity (in case of offices) – If you plan to use the device at your office, the improvement in both voice and data communication will allow your employees to get more done and help your business grow.

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