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9th Apr 2014 /
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Top Signal Boosters for Your Building and Recreational Vehicle – The Wilson 803670-BL1 and Wilson's 801245 AG SOHO

Whether at home or on the road, over 72% of Americans experience dropped calls, slow data transfer speeds and other issues related to poor cellular signal strength. This can get frustrating to say the least.

When it comes to signal boosters the first step is deciding what you need it for. Is it going in your home, or office, or on the road in your RV or truck? The Wilson 803670 AG Pro Quint amplifier is geared towards home use. On the other hand, The Wilson's 801245 AG SOHO amplifier makes for an excellent mobile signal booster. Both of these units come as part of a kit, which includes everything needed to get you started.

What a Signal Booster Is

A signal booster is designed to take an existing signal from the cellular tower, process and amplify it, and then rebroadcast the signal to the surrounding space.

Signal gain is a measure of the ability of the amplifier to increase the input signal. It is measured in decibels – the higher the value, the more powerful the amplifier is.

As the Wilson 803670-BL1 is designed to be used in buildings with larger areas to cover – this model has a gain of 75dB. The Wilson 801245 AG SOHO is a more compact version that is better suited for applications on the road. It features a gain of between 55 to 65dB.

Coverage Area of Signal Boosters

Another important thing to consider is how much area you require the signal booster to cover. Generally, the greater the gain of an amplifier, the more area it can cover, and vice versa.

If the information about a specific product does not mention its coverage area, then it is safe to assume that a booster with higher gain will be much more powerful. Also, another thing that can help you determine the coverage area of a particular signal booster kit is its type. Is it designed to be used in buildings, like the Wilson 803670? Or is it intended to be used on the road, like the Wilson 801245?

Outdoor Antennas

Normally, there are two types of antennas that come with signal booster kits. These are the Omni-directional and yagi (directional) types.

Yagi-type antennas are designed to receive and send signals in a specified direction. The coverage area may not be as wide, but you’ll be able to reach much greater distances in access to cellular towers. The Wilson 803670-BL1 is precisely designed with this in mind – if the closest cellular tower is apparently not close enough, you should consider getting a Wilson 803670-BL1 for your home or office.

Omni-Directional antennas can receive and send cellular signals in all directions. This makes them great if you want to have signals of multiple providers boosted. The Wilson 801245 amplifier kit is designed for use in your RVs and is equipped with a 21 inch omni-direction antenna.

Indoor Antennas

Antennas also play an important role. Panel antennas can receive and transmit signals in a specific direction. This makes them suitable for use in buildings that have multiple floors. This is the reason Wilson decided in include a panel antenna in its 803670-BL1 model.

Wilson's 801245 AG SOHO for RVs and homes also features an indoor panel antenna.

Product Features

To sum it up, these are some of the features of both products:

1.Wilson 803670-BL1 AG Pro Quint

  • Provides coverage for large areas with powerful signal amplification of 75dB
  • Supports 2G, 3G & 4G networks (All carriers)
  • Can boost both AT&T and Verizon wireless signals
  • Push Button controls allow control and optimization of gain
  • Amplifier boasts cutting-edge technology with a compact size equal to that of a text book
  • Features Cellular tower-friendly technology
  • FCC Approved

Included in the Package:

  • Wilson 803670 AG Pro Quint +75dB amplifier
  • DC Power Supply
  • Wilson304411 Outside Directional Antenna
  • Wilson301135 Inside Wall Mount Panel Antenna
  • Wilson952350 50-Foot Ultra Low-Loss Coaxial cable (black) w/ Male-Male Connector
  • Wilson952330 30-Foot Ultra Low-Loss Coaxial cable (black) w/ Male-Male Connector

2.Wilson 801245 AG SOHO

  • Suitable for use in RVs, campers, trailers and trucks
  • All carriers that transmit on 824-894 and 1850-1990 MHz frequencies are supported
  • Compatible with 50 Ohm antennas and related accessories
  • Lacks support for Nextel/iDen, Verizon 4G LTE as well as AT&T 4G LTE/AWS
  • Provides an adjustable gain
  • Reduces dropped calls, increases data speed and supports a number of devices at once
  • Oscillation detection system is incorporated
  • Comes with overload circuit protection
  • Is friendly with cellular towers and protects them from being overloaded
  • Extends the battery life of your cellular devices

Included in the Package:

  • Wilson 801245 Amplifier
  • Wilson A/C Power Supply
  • Wilson D/C Power Supply
  • Wilson 301133 Spring Mounted Antenna, w/13.5 feet of RG58 cable
  • Wilson 901104 3-Way Antenna Mount
  • Wilson 301135 Inside Panel Antenna
  • Wilson 951104 20-foot RG58 Low-Loss Coax Extension Cable


It is apparent from the above discussion and product features that both of these devices are equipped with an excellent array of technologies that work seamlessly together to provide you a solution for weak cellular signals. If you’re having problems with signals at your home or office, the Wilson 803670-B1 would be ideal for your needs –as it has been especially designed for that purpose.

On the other hand, if your primary concerns are related to weak signals while on the road – the Wilson 801245 AG SOHO for RVs would be your best option.

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