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Wilson Amplifiers Review: The Good, The Bad, & The...Well, Strange

on September 09, 2016

Your Voice, Our Ears, Let's Go

We previously talked about our inclusion to the  Inc 5000 Fastest Growing List and how the real star of the show was you, the people who make us possible. 

Today, we take a deeper look at customer reviews about our service. With nearly 1,000 service & product reviews, we feel it's time to highlight a few that made us happy, gave us concern, and others that made us scratch our heads.

Before we start, we like to thank everyone for leaving your reviews & comments.

Good, bad, or ugly, we appreciate ALL of them. Our customer support takes time to read them and see what we're doing right, what we need to improve on, and how we can better serve your needs.

Our motto is clear: Provide solutions. Don't sell boxes.

We're normal folks with a passion for customer service. We're not in the one-and-done business. Making sure that you're satisfied is what fuels us every day (that & Blue Mountain coffee).

Service Reviews (8.3 of 10) 972 Reviews

The Good

★★★★★ (5 stars) - Floyd Light

I was worried, but it's working really, really well!

"OK, backstory. I was worried because it was $900. 

But, we recently moved to rural WV. Where we're at, towers are plentiful but always just over that ridge line. So, do something or stick with the "no service" to 1-bar or sometimes 2 bars (3G) if you stand next to the stove with a spoon over your head juuuuusssst right. 

Took the plunge. The on-line videos were helpful not only in setting up, but in making decision

Results: in dining room (where interior antennae mounted) we now have 5 bars 4G (or 3-4 bars LTE depending on the phone). Back bedrooms with 2-3 bars 4G. We're happy and call it success! Now using the phones as hot-spots for computers and getting 3-4 GB download but much much slower upload (and I think that's normal)."

★★★★★ (5 stars) -Rebecca DalMolin

Great Customer Service

"We bought a booster about three years ago and just recently it stopped working. 

We contacted customer support and they have been nothing but helpful. They willing sent us a new antenna and cable and talked with us through the process of installation so we could fix the problem. It's a great company and I highly recommend them!"

★★★★★ (5 stars) - Rick Strauss

Cell Phone Amplifier

"I was a little hesitant to buy a cell phone amplifier for my truck and held off for almost a year before deciding I was sick of constantly dropping calls. 

Working up in the mountains of NC, there are constant dropped calls and poor signal strength. 

My expectations were low and I counted on the 30 day return policy. 

Well, after three weeks of use now all I can say is I should not have waited, this thing really works. It is not perfect, but is a big help! I have coverage where I never could use my phone before and I have recommended it to several people I work with. As for Wilson, the web site was easy to use and shipping was fast, no complaints."

★★★★ (4 stars) - Greg Lorbiecki

Good, but not great

"It helps, but it isn't as good as it's touted. 

I still get dropped calls going down the interstate on flat ground. My old booster had all 4 green bars only once, in the middle of Idaho, of all places, but I never had all of them in the city. After that unit quit, I rode around for two weeks without a booster, and although it doesn't boost as you'd like, you really appreciate having it

I called customer service and explained everything to them. No problem they said, just send back the booster and power cord and we'll warranty it. They did. Got a new model within a few days. I think this is a better unit. Overall, this is recommended for anyone who drives a lot. Top notch customer service."

★★★★ (4 stars) - Michael Anderson

I just installed the Weboost Drive 4GX on my boat with the Marine Essentials Kit.

"The install was pretty straightforward. 

The antennae mast mounts that come with the essentials kit are pretty poor quality. I needed to purchase some decent stainless steel antennae mounts, or look forward to doing it in a year or two. I guess that is my only complaint with the system.

It works great. Far better cellular coverage than before. I have 5 bars and can stream in a place where only last week I needed to have patience just to get my emails. Great product, mast mounts could be better."

The Bad (aka Growth Needs)

★★★ (3 stars) - Al McKinney

Not quite what I was hoping for

"I had one solid bar at my mountain cabin and with the booster I get 2 and occasionally three. Not enough to be able to make calls but I can text when the three bars show up."

★★★ (3 stars) - Dan Graziosi

Item didnt work but Company took it back

"I bought the amplifier for a cabin in the woods.

The signal for a cell phone is pretty weak however I was able to receive calls but not hear the other party. I was hoping this amplifier would to the trick. But unfortunately it didn't do anything at all for the signal. Could be an elevation issue, trees, not sure, but it didn't work. 

At first the company wouldn't take back the item due to it was purchased on sale. But after further negotiations they ageed to take the item back. It cost me $17 to return the item. I was really rooting for the item, but it fell short."

★★ (2 stars) - Johnny Cavin

Rating Wilson Amplifier

"I live about 4 miles from the nearest cell tower. It increased my signal a very small amount, but nothing like I'd hoped. I have to get really near the antenna to make much difference. Maybe I expected too much."

The Head Scratchers (aka I Need a Raise)

★★★ (3 stars) - Captain Toplikar

Who,s who?in this New World of equity raider buy out,s!

"I went to buy a {good old} Wilson Electronics cell amplifier.

I allready own three,but all 2g-3g old style. I wanted a new 4GLTE for internet work. I searched Google for that and came up with a store called" Signal Boost". 

It appears Wilson electrornics ,is now called -"-We Boost"-- also--,and "Signal Boost"{same address& phone, #s,and" Silk World" too,and are also selling amplifiers under other names.ect, hi boost,and sure call.-- all made in China ,allthough not marked on the product{ae--US CUSTOMS LAW} 

It appears that Mitt Romneys son is involved in this over sea,s ship jobs out to China ,and try to hide it ."

[Editor's Note: We assure you that Wilson Electronic & weBoost products are made in the USA and that we have no involvement with Mitt Romney or his son.]


With a rating of over 4 stars out of 5, you'd think we'd be pretty satisfied but we're not.

That's because we think the majority of negative reviews mostly come from one issue: underperforming coverage area.

So we've started to recommend customers to do these 3 things:

1) Find their  cell phone signal strength in dB values.

2) Understand what a  signal booster can & can't do.

3) Contact us by email:  sales@wilsonamplifiers.com or call: 1-800-568-2723.

By doing at least the first two steps, we feel we can customers have more realistic expectations about their improved coverage area or whether or not a signal booster can work for them.

Again, our motto: Provide solutions. Don't sell boxes.

We strive to be the best to serve and thanks to your feedback it helps us get one step closer. You can read more about our service & product reviews from TrustPilot, verified & independent reviews.

Thanks for reading.

New to boosters or need a good starting point, check out our guide:

Need a person touch? Email us today ( sales@wilsonamplifiers.com) or give us a call at 1-800-568-2723. A cell phone signal expert will gladly assist you in getting better signal instantly.

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