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28th Dec 2014 /
by James N / Comments

You are Your Cell Phone

Yes, the internet is anonymous. Shielded by the screen, keyboard, and different online IDs, we'll all capable of being completely open, revealing the good and bad natures of our personality. This is already a given. 

Yet despite some of the rather sinister comments posted on forums and articles, it always reveals something we tell our children and each other, "Honesty is the best policy." 

Whether behind an online handle or even Facebook profile, people express themselves honestly. Hence that's why I tell my closest friends that "You are Your Cell Phone." Which apps you use, which websites you visit, even how you arrange your icons explicitly showcases your personality.

But enough of the social aspects of it, what about the utilities? I don't need a watch to tell time anymore. Also don't need a flashlight. Ditto for music player, pedometer, notebook and pen, book reader, camera, video, maps, etc. 

Actually, let's talk about maps. I'm afraid I'm part of the generation that had to print out maps to get to unknown locations. But with my cell phone, I'm everywhere at anytime. Good thing or bad thing, I'll let you decide. 

But for this woman, after falling into a river while attempting to save her dog, she was her cell phone. Police managed to save her and her dog by locating her cell phone signal. Without it, it would have been a different ending. While this worse case scenario isn't likely to happen to you, imagine flat tire, a wrong turn in a small road, or being lost in a remote area. Don't tell me then how much your cell phone would mean to you.

You are your cell phone. 

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