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Federal Communications Commission on Signal Boosters

Well-designed signal boosters hold great potential to empower consumers in rural and underserved areas to improve their wireless coverage in their homes, at their jobs, and when they travel by car, recreational vehicle, or boat.

On February 20, 2013, the FCC released a Report and Order that includes rules and policies that will enhance wireless coverage for consumers, particularly in rural, underserved, and difficult-to-serve areas by broadening the availability of signal boosters while ensuring that boosters do not adversely affect wireless networks. Information about these rules and policies are available on the FCC's signal boosters website.

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About Wilson Amplifiers  

Wilson Amplifiers is the #1 reseller of Wilson Electronics signal boosters.

From weBoost (premium) to zBoost (value) to Wilson Pro (enterprise).

Whether it's dealing with dropped calls, weak signal, and poor reception, Wilson Amplifiers provides signal boosters that ensure reliable connection and consistent service for all phones and all carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc).

At home, at work, in a car, truck or even boat, you're guaranteed more bars and better 3G & 4G signals. Say goodbye to frustrations and say hello to always connected, always ready.

An Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, Wilson Amplifiers provides multi-year warranties, lifetime technical support, and first-in-class customer support certified in boosting your signal.

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