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Signal Meter Loaner Service


Pro cellular RF Quad-Band Signal Meter

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Complete your installation with accurate results:


Finding the best location to install the donor antenna (outside antenna) is a crucial step in getting the best signal. Our Wilson Signal Meter simplifies and optimizes the whole signal booster installation process.

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How to Rent a Signal Meter?

It’s as easy as...


Fill out, sign the agreement & get approved.

Use any of the methods listed below. We typically approve submitted applications the same day.


Use the signal meter for up to 21 days for only $25.

Your signal meter will be shipped to your address as soon as you sign the agreement and pay a small $25 fee.


Return the signal meter back within 21 days.

Use our prepaid return shipping label to return the signal meter. It's that easy.

Get Started. Reserve the Signal Meter Now.

Fill out and sign the agreement using one of the methods listed below:

Sign the Agreement Online

Enter your email and we’ll send you a link and instructions on how to e-sign your agreement.

Print, Complete & Send It Back to Us

Print out or download the agreement (PDF), complete it, and fax it to 832-532-3277.


You can also email or mail the signed agreement to our company address.

Call at 1-800-919-7442 if you have any questions.

About Pro Signal Meter™

Easily Find the Strongest Signal for Your Installation.

Wilson Signal Meter™ Benefits:

  • Get accurate dB readings for all available cellular frequencies.
  • Locate the best area to install donor antenna.
  • Pinpoint accuracy when optimizing directional antenna aim.
  • Better signal capture from the donor antenna leads to better signal & coverage inside.

Watch:  Wilson Signal Meter™ Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Email Us or call at 1-800-919-7442 if you have any questions.

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