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Distance between inside/outside antennas?

Finding the best place to install your outside antenna is simple process.

  1. First find dB readings on your phone
  2. Walk around the outside perimeter of your home or building (roof if possible)
  3. It takes dB values to refresh so pause and hold every 30 seconds for each spot to get accurate readings.
  4. The number closest to the number 0 is the best spot to install the antenna.

Learn more how to find dB readings on your phone: https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/blog/db-gain-the-most-important-thing-to-your-cell-phone/

For the inside antenna, it's best to install in the area you will be spending most of your time using your cell phone and other cellular devices.

For the amplifier, it's best to install in a an easy-access and well-ventilated place that doesn't collect much heat such as a shelf, wall, or closet.

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