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What are the types of cables you offer? How do I figure out which ones I need? How do I figure out the optimal length for my particular configuration?

All signal boosters are sold in complete kits with the right type and length of cable for the application. Please refer to your product's spec manual to find the type and length of cable.

Typical cables for buildings:

  1. Wilson400. Max run: 1,000 ft.
  2. RG-11. Max run: 75 ft.
  3. RG-6. Max run: 50 ft.

Typical cables for vehicles:

  1. RG-174. Max run: 6 ft.
  2. RG-58. Max run: 20 ft.

Wilson Amplifiers is not just limited to these cables. We are able to accommodate for unique situations. Learn more: https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/blog/understanding-cable-length/


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