Vehicle Signal Booster Installation

Wilson Amplifiers specializes in designing custom-built signal booster system plans and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for use in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings as well as fleet vehicles. Our designs be deployed to all your fleets nationwide within one to two weeks with correct approval.

Reliable cellular signal is a crucial part of a positive customer experience, and necessary to maintain contact with your drivers. Don’t risk it with your fleet vehicle business. Vehicle signal boosters are critical for cellular-based fleet tracking devices, allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles, even in weak signal areas. Our complete turn-key installation solutions provides reliable signal in your rental cars, taxi cabs, buses, utility vehicles, delivery vans, and police cruisers.

Our installers are are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured, and capable of any signal booster installation for nearly any situation, including fleet vehicle signal boosters.

Our complete turn-key fleet vehicle signal booster cellular installation has the following steps:

Consultation. Our customer support team listens to the details of the project, receives floor plans, gives a very rough quote with no obligations, and schedules a detailed site survey.

Site survey. A member of our accredited installation team will visit your site and determine how many vehicles will require a signal booster installation. We use this information to provide an accurate quote, bill of materials and appropriate expectations of final deployment performance.

Proposal/presentation. Our system designers and customer service representatives will analyze the data from the site survey and develop a comprehensive solution to meet your precise needs. A non-obligated quote will be offered at this time.

Scheduling of installation. We schedule dates and times for our installers to come to your site, and allow for the necessary equipment to arrive in time for installation.

Deployment. Our installers will provide a turn-key installation to provide you with boosted signal to all fleet vehicles, as agreed upon during our consultation and proposal.

Final checks/sweep. Our installer will run checks in every vehicle, verifying the boosted signal works correctly and ensuring your phones receive it.

Follow up. We provide lifetime support for our installations - we stand by them and know you will love them. Any technical support you need, you can follow up with us, 24/7.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-887-1961 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Don't suffer from weak cellular signal any longer!

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Our Recent Design & Installation Projects


On the eve of opening their new distribution center in the Houston suburb, IKEA called with an urgent request for help with in-building cellular coverage. They were expecting millions of dollars worth of inventory with no system access to manage the goods. Our team acted swiftly, completing the design and installation within 3 days.


Patients, staff, physicians and executives regularly missed calls and text messages, adversely affecting their ability to provide best in class patient care. We designed and installed the necessary solution to provide the necessary coverage needed to conduct patient care and administrative functions in their building.


A handful of Blue Bell locations - including the main headquarters - were challenged with cell reception. Through careful design and system implementation, employees and guests now have reliable coverage where it did not exist before.


Our cutting-edge solutions and capable installation team helped improve in-building coverage at several branch locations in Louisiana. Customers' safety and employees' safety are top priorities, we helped ease some of Coastal's safety concerns.


In emergency situations, local and federal government agencies gather to keep a close eye on the plant's operations. During these tense times, cellular coverage is absolutely critical. Wilson Amplfiers exceeded the organization’s expectations for coverage throughout the facility.