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50 Ohm vs. 75 Ohm: Which is Best For You?

What's in an Ohm? When it comes to 50 vs 75 Ohm, it's all about two things: footprint & power. Especially when it comes to 50 Ohm vs 75 Ohm coax cables. In short, cables are measured by impedance, how much resistance there is to the flow of electrical energy. The smaller the Ohm, the better the [...]

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7 Best T-Mobile Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

T-Mobile may boast about being the nation's only UnCarrier Service, but if you're not getting any signal on your cell phone, even the cheapest plan is way too expensive. Luckily, that's where boosting your T-Mobile 3G & 4G signal comes into play. Let's look at why you've got poor signal and what you [...]

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7 Best Cricket Wireless Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

Cricket Wireless is one of the largest prepaid wireless carriers in USA. As an AT&T-owned subsidiary and MVNO, Cricket Wireless also has extensive 3G & 4G LTE network coverage across America. However, there are times, when you're just not getting relialble service leading to dropped calls, slow internet, and spotty reception. [...]

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7 Best Verizon Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

Verizon has one of the largest and fastest 4G LTE networks in USA. However, there are times when poor coverage and spotty service affects you every day. Lucky for you, there's a simple solution: just boost your Verizon 3G & 4G LTE signals. So let's look at the top 5 reasons why you're getting poor reception and why [...]

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Certified Refurbished WilsonPro Commercial Cell Phone Boosters: Available Now

Better Signal & Savings: Refurbished Commercial Signal Boosters The best gets even better. Starting today, WilsonPro commercial signal boosters are now available in certified refurbished condition.  All certified refurbished commercial signal boosters feature the exact same benefits of a brand new unit with a much lower price. Factory re-certified, in like-new condition.  Complete kits. Works for all phones & all carriers. Same [...]

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7 Best AT&T Signal Boosters in 2019 for Home, Office, and Car

AT&T is the 2nd biggest carrier in USA, which should mean they provide great coverage. However, you'll only get strong 3G and 4G LTE if (and a big if) you're getting very good signal from the cell tower. But if you're reading this article, then most [...]

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weBoost Drive Sleek Nominated for Best Mobile Product at 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards

True Excellence The Media Excellence Awards (MEA), produced by Axis PR & Entertainment, have nominated the weBoost Drive Sleek as a finalist in the “Excellence in Product” category for their 11th Annual Awards Season. For those who don’t know, the MEA is at the forefront of the mobile and entertainment industries for recognizing the top companies and [...]

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Signal Booster Accessories - Mounts

Welcome to the fourth in our series on Signal Booster Accessories! This time we’ll be covering mounts - a necessary buy if you plan on installing your antenna on a rooftop or window and don’t have a chimney or other pole in just the right place. Let’s get started.A Place to Live The reason for a [...]

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Oscillation and Overload

Oscillation and Overload It came. The gift you didn’t even know you wanted for Christmas: a cell phone signal booster. The gift of better signal. Maybe it was a weBoost Connect 4G, or a weBoost Home 4G. Maybe it was for your car or truck, or RV. Either way, you’re looking forward to saying goodbye to bad signal [...]

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Huuuge Price Drop: Save up to $500 on WilsonPro!

The Best Commercial Cell Phone Signal Booster Gets Even Better Effective immediately, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus (MSRP: $1,799.99) is dropping to $1,299.99. The WilsonPro 70 (MSRP: $1,299.99) is at a rock bottom price of $899.99. For reference, the weBoost Connect 4G-X, the most powerful consumer home cell phone booster is also priced at $899.99– the power of [...]

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