WilsonPro Cell Signal Boosters for Commercial Buildings Over 25,000 Sq Ft

WilsonPro commercial cell phone signal boosters are FCC-approved, industrial-strength cellular signal boosters for large commercial and industrial spaces. They are also great cell boosters for metal buildings.

We recommend giving us a call (1-800-887-1961) to figure out what booster works best for your building. There are several factors to consider when choosing a commercial signal booster that don’t apply when trying to cover a smaller space, including building layout, construction material, outside signal strength, the terrain or density of your area, and more.

WilsonPro Cell Signal Boosters for Commercial Buildings
What Area Do You Need to Cover?
Up to 35,000 sq ft
Up to 40,000 sq ft
Up to 100,000 sq ft
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For buildings under 25,000 sq ft, we recommend WilsonPro and weBoost Office Boosters
Let's talk now:1-800-887-1961

Why Choose Wilson Amplifiers?

We’re the leading supplier of Wilson Electronic signal boosters. Our team of experts have been supplying cellular installation expertise since 2011, and have years of experience providing superior cellular coverage. Vist our Installation Division the Bolton Install Pros for a WilsonPro installation quote.

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