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Wall-to-wall Cellular Coverage for 220,000+ sq. ft. Campus.

The Customer

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a trade union that trains & represents nearly 400,000 operating & stationary engineers across USA and Canada.

These highly skilled workers are responsible for literally building America and Canada, maintaining essential infrastructure such as roads, highways, buildings, facilities, pipelines, dams, and other complex systems across North America.

The Problem

After new construction of the state-of-the-art IUOE International Training & Conference Center in Crosby, Texas, many instructors, students, and guests often dealt with absolutely no cell signal across the massive 220,000+ square foot campus.

Their LEED-certified building material & construction helped with getting a highly-efficient and rated green building. Unfortunately, green buildings tend to use material that also disrupt RF signal such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and radio.

An all-encompassing signal boosting solution was sorely needed.

Dropped calls, unsent text messages, and dead zones plagued visitors from their day-to-day work and lifestyle. Even in a best case scenario, 1 bar of unreliable service indoors hampered the 21st century comforts and conveniences IUOE wanted to showcase with their new building.

The Solution

The SignalBoosters.com Install Pro Team was tasked with one directive: get consistent cellular coverage for every inch of the 220,000+ sq foot campus: conference rooms, training centers, classrooms, warehouse, gym, and over 200 single-occupant dorm rooms.

The Install Pro Team needed 2 intensive weeks for the complete installation including a detailed site survey, pre-install checkup, installation, and post-installation support.

A crucial mandate was also given to maintain the stylish quality of the center without sacrificing cellular performance. The Install Pro Team used discreet flat dome antennas that blended in well with the ceiling while still providing quality signal boosting service.

14 WilsonPro professional cell phone signal booster amplifiers were used ranging from the WilsonPro 4000R to the Wilson Pro 70 Plus.

The Result

Night and day: From dead-zones to reliable reception all-around for multiple buildings and floors.

The average dBm reading across all four carriers went from -115 dBm (virtually 0-1 bars) to -86 dBm (3-4 bars).

Before people had to run outside to make a call. Now everybody inside could take calls and stream video and use data without a hitch.

The average dBm reading across all four carriers went from -115 dBm (virtually 0-1 bars) to -86 dBm (3-4 bars).

Signal Strength Test Results


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