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Zinwave Active DAS Solutions

Zinwave Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Most Innovative and Reliable DAS Solution

Zinwave’s DAS solution is comprised of five components that can be used for Active or Hybrid DAS. A single layer of hardware supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G as well as Public Safety and other private radio networks. Flexible, it’s easy to integrate new carriers and technologies without requiring additional hardware. Fiber-based, installation is made easier.


Primary Hub

Zinwave Unitivity 5000 Primary Hub
  • Handles Frequencies 150 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Provides Connection to RF Sources
  • Converts RF Signal and to Optical
  • Flexible Signal Routing
  • Modular Design
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Primary Hub

Zinwave Uniwave 8000 Primary Hub
  • Handles Frequencies 150 MHz to 5 GHz
  • Provides Connection to RF Sources
  • Converts RF Signals to Optical Signals
  • Flexible Signal Routing
  • Modular Design
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Zinwave solutions work with any device, on any network.

Carrier - AT&T
Carrier - T-Mobile
Carrier - Verizon
Carrier - US Cellular
Carrier - Dish

Zinwave DAS Benefits


150 MHz to 5 GHz


Can Fit Any Building or Campus


Built to Easily Adapt to Future Needs


Enables Longer Cable Runs and Fewer Roof Penetrations

Power Supply

Built-In Power Supply Unit Reduces Parts Needed


Up to 80% Space Savings and 17% Better Energy Efficiency

Cost Effective

Lower Cost than Other Providers with High Long-Term Value


Remote Monitoring and Management

Our Turnkey Installation Customers Include:

WilsonAmplifiers Client - Amazon
WilsonAmplifiers Client - Marriott
WilsonAmplifiers Client - Coca Cola
WilsonAmplifiers Client - Public Storage
WilsonAmplifiers Client - Chevron
WilsonAmplifiers Client - IKEA

How DAS Works

DAS is a network of spatially separated antennas connected to a source that enhances cellular connectivity. We specialize in three indoor DAS solutions:

WilsonPro Passive DAS

Comprised of passive components. It leverages off-air cellular signal from nearby cell towers, runs it through coaxial cable, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts it within a defined space.


  • Lowest cost DAS option
  • Fastest to deploy
  • No approvals needed in most cases
  • Easiest to maintain
  • Covers multiple carriers easily


  • Dependent on existing cell signal environment
  • Cable length run limitations
  • System can change if carrier shuts off or alters cell tower

Zinwave Active DAS

Comprised of active components. It receives cellular signals directly from desired cellular providers and converts them to digital for transmission through fiber cabling, delivering the strongest signal possible throughout a single building or campus.


  • Unmatched coverage and capacity
  • Scalable and expandable as necessary
  • Can use existing fiber infrastructure
  • No cable length limits


  • Highest cost DAS option
  • Requires carrier approvals, increasing deployment time
  • Higher power generation

WilsonPro Zinwave Hybrid DAS

Comprised of passive and active components. It captures off-air cellular signals and boosts them with an amplifier. Boosted cellular signals are converted to digital and transmitted over fiber cabling. This DAS solution offers greater coverage and scalability than Passive DAS at a lower cost than Active DAS.


  • More cost-effective than Active DAS
  • Greater coverage than Passive DAS
  • No limit to cable length
  • Fast deployment time
  • No approvals needed in most cases


  • Relies on existing cellular infrastructure
  • Higher cost than Passive DAS
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