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Outdoor Antennas

How do outdoor antennas work?

Outdoor cellular antennas capture and enhance existing cell signals from nearby cell towers. There are two types of outdoor cellular antennas, omnidirectional and directional. They vary in radiation pattern and range.

When is it best to use a directional antenna?

Directional cellular antennas capture cellular signals from a single direction. Depending on the antenna, radiation pattern can range from 38 degrees to 135 degrees. The narrower its beam width the farther its range. They will only capture cellular signals that fall within the beam width. Thus, for best results, the antenna has to point in the direction of your cell tower. They are typically best for areas with very weak cellular signal as they allow you to hone in on your carrier's towers to deliver the strongest signal possible. However, they are also a great option for situations where multiple cell towers are in one general direction.

When is it best to use an omnidirectional antenna?

Omnidirectional cellular antennas have a 360-degree radiation pattern. They can capture cellular signals from all available cellular carriers from all directions. Since they are not focusing all of their power in a single direction, they have less range than directional antennas. However, they are much easier to install. You don’t need to aim them at a cell tower, just set them wherever you receive the strongest cell signal and forget them. They are typically best for those who want to boost multiple carriers simultaneously with a single antenna. They are also a good option for those who simply want an antenna that’s easy to set up. They will perform best in areas with decent outside cell signal strength. If you have weak outside cell signal, you’ll need an omni antenna with high gain.

Do I need a 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm outdoor cellular antenna?

That depends on your signal booster system. 50 Ohm outdoor antennas pair best with 50 Ohm signal boosters and cabling. 75 Ohm outdoor antennas pair best with 75 Ohm signal boosters and cabling.

Can I use multiple outdoor antennas?

Yes. If your outside signal is weak from multiple carriers and the cell towers are in different directions, you can use multiple directional antennas to help build a multi-carrier signal boosting solution. Depending on your amplifier, you may need a diplexer/combiner for your setup. Please give us a call at 1-800-568-2723 if you have any questions.

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