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Teltonika is a leading manufacturer of industrial internet connectivity solutions. To deliver unwavering performance, products are designed with reliability, security, and ease of use in mind. We offer everything you need to optimize your connectivity needs - from cellular routers and accessories to remote management system services.

Our Top Teltonika Cellular Routers

  • 5G Ready Cellular Router
  • SA & NSA 5G Support
  • Dual SIM with Auto-Failover
  • 4 LAN & 1 WAN/LAN
  • WiFi 5 & GPS Capabilities
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  • 4G LTE Cellular Router
  • CAT4 Mobile Mobile
  • Single SIM with Auto-Failover
  • Hotspot Functionality
  • 1 LAN & 1 WAN/LAN
  • Keeps IoT/Standard Devices Connected
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Teltonika Cell Router Benefits


Keep operation running smoothly without interruptions

Future Proofing

Make sure your router solution is rerady for the future tech

Dual Sim

Products include single or dual sim ports for flexibility

WAN/LAN Ethernet

Both WAN and LAN options for connections

Advanced Security

Top notch security to protect your dttat and customers

VPN Access

Access the web through VPN access on all your devices

Location Tracking

Keep track of your devices across channels and across locations

Attack Prevention

Prevention and protection for your devices

How Teltonika Routers Work

Topology Diagram


Routers ensure strong connectivity by smart switching between sources.



Remote Management System allows for seemless control of all Teltonika routers.



POS Systems are made up of wireless or wired terminals connected to Router.

Industry Diagram

Ethernet Switch

Allows for reliable connections between router and machines.



Connects ethernet switch to server for control and analysis.



Connects data between machines on a manufacturing line.

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