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Commercial In-Building Cellular System Design Services

iBwave, our licensed proprietary in-building wireless design software, uses a heatmap propagation system. Heatmap propagation is a complex process by which all available factors are taken and processed by one of our accredited iBwave designers to give the absolute most accurate system design possible.

An iBwave system design offers many benefits to buying a large signal amplification system, making sure your investment works for your exact setup, with a transparent design process.

Commercial System Design Pricing

Coverage Area: Up to 75,000 sq. ft.
System Design Only
With Equipment Purchase*
$999.99 $0
Coverage Area: 75,000 - 150,000 sq. ft.
System Design Only
With Equipment Purchase *
$1,999.99 $0
Coverage Area: Over 150,000 sq. ft.
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Our System Design Process

Typical turnaround time: 3-4 days.

Every project is unique. From the initial consultation to final designs, we guarantee personal attention and accountability at every stage of the iBwave system design process. Here is a general outline of how we go about designing your optimal system, so you will have a better understanding of what to expect.


Initial Consultation

Get information about the signal environment of cellular readings (what carriers, how many people need coverage).


Floor Plan Analysis

Get information about the signal environment of cellular readings (what carriers, how many people need coverage).


Timeline & Estimates

Discuss project estimation, including budget and timeline.


System Design

Using the information provided, creating heatmap propagation and testing different designs to ensure optimized system.



Once completed, the project is submitted back to you, with the full proposal of design, complete bill of equipment, and estimation of delivery.


Cellular amplifiers are dependent on outside signal. We will work within our abilities to give you the best system design possible with limited to no signal outside your building.

Examples of Typical Project Deliverables

Advanced RF Propagation Maps and Capacity Analysis Models

We build and test the system design coverage with the iBwave in-building prediction engine. Advanced capacity analysis and simulation tools help us ensure that we meet your specific requirements and coverage demands. The early validation of the performance-based requirements prevents costly changes in post-installation.


Network Simulation in Advanced 3D View

We provide a performance estimate based on the inputted data and the capacity analysis model, rendered in a full 3D representation of your building through your floor plan. Building materials, electromagnetic interference, and other factors are taken into account in the rendering, giving unparalleled accuracy for expected RF coverage.


Annotations, Output maps & Survey Data Reports

We provide active link budgets showing exactly what gain and loss is expected at every stage of the signal journey, as well as granular, floor-by-floor equipment coverage mapping. Innovative Cloud survey data reporting allows for seamless transition from on-the-ground integrators to design engineers, allowing for rapid response to a changing real-world situation.


Antenna and Cable Reports

Antenna and Cable Reports show the specifications and link budget for each antenna and length of cable in the design. We’ll provide you with accurate readings based upon cable type and optimized gain shown per antenna and frequency band, all based upon your outside signal and building layout.

iBWave - Antenna and Cable Reports

Equipment List & Cost Details Reports

A detailed, item-by-item list of the precise equipment used in the design, with transparent cost listing. Should you purchase this equipment from us, your design fee will be waived.

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