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At WilsonAmplifiers, You’ve Got Three Ways to Earn:


Refer A Friend

$30 Gift Card (per purchase)

When you refer a friend to Wilson Amplifiers, you’ll receive a $30 gift card (payable via Visa or PayPal) per purchase*. No application necessary, simply sign up and refer.

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*Minimum $400 purchase. Gift Card paid Out 30 Days After Purchase


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5% of Any Purchase

Apply to our Affiliate Program and start earning 5% of any purchase* made through any link from your site. Earning cash is easy:

  • Submit Application**
  • Receive Confirmation Email
  • Share Your Unique Affiliate Link
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  • Wait for Your Order to Be Confirmed***
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*Minimum $300 purchase. Paid via Visa/Paypal

**Wilson Amplifiers reserves the right to reject applications for any reason we see fit. See our Terms & Conditions

***Paid out 30 days after purchase



5% Commission

Apply to our B2B Referral Program to receive 5% Commission on integration/design and equipment purchases to end customers.*
Earning commission is easy:

  • Submit Online Form
  • Receive Confirmation Email with Follow-Up Timelines
  • Sales Rep will notify you once PO is received from referral
  • Get Your Commission 30 Days After We Receive Payment**
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*Company reserves the right to reject applications if customer already exists in our database as an existing active customer

**Paid out 30 days after final payment received from customer.. Company would require 1099 & Invoice from the referrer to pay via Company Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer

Why Choose Wilson Amplifiers

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Free, same-day shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States.
Customer Support

US-based Customer Support

Our Texas-based team of experts will help you get the great signal you deserve.
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Designed & Assembled in the USA

Our high-quality amplifier kits are designed and assembled in the good old US of A.
Money Back

Guaranteed Money Back

Not giving you the signal you need? Give us a call within 30 days for an exchange or return.
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One Purchase No Subscriptions

Our kits are single purchase items. No WiFi or subscriptions are needed – they just work.
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FCC-Certified, Carrier Authorized

Completely legal. Register your booster with your carrier and enjoy great signal with no interruptions.