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Want to improve the cellular reception in your university, college, or k-12 school? Our commercial cell phone signal boosters are the answer. We’ve performed countless successful installations nationwide and are will help you with everything you need to eliminate poor cell phone signal, dropped calls, and slow data.

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Our Professional Services at a Glance

  • M2M/IoT
A member of the installation team will visit your site to understand why you have weak signal. They will perform a site walk to determine the signal strength, building layout, material types, and determine the best installation points.
The data from the site survey will be analyzed to develop the solution that best fits your needs. It consists of floor plan analysis, prediction reports on design performance, best antenna placement locations, and more. A non-obligated quote will be offered at this time.
The equipment will be professionally installed. Post-installation, our installers will conduct extensive testing to make sure the signal booster is working perfectly.
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Benefits of a
Professional Signal
Booster Installation

Improve Cell Phone Signal

Universities, colleges, public and private schools need reliable cell phone signal coverage.

Students, teachers, and administrators use smartphones, tablets, and other cellular devices for teaching, learning, schoolwork, and research. Disruptive service interrupts classroom and faculty productivity.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters improve 4G and even 5G signals to ensure a great classroom experience for students and teachers.

Faster Data

From the first minute of class, being connected means instant productivity. Students depend on data to send and receive emails from professors, download and submit assignments, research, and get the latest campus news.

Slow internet and long loading times interrupt classroom productivity. Having a consistent, secure, and strong wireless services guarantee faster data speeds for all mobile needs. It ensures all student, teaching, and administration operations run smoothly.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters greatly enhance cellular signals, resulting in faster data speeds for all students, teachers, and administrators in need of a reliable connection.

Eliminate Cell Phone Signal Challenges

Many factors contribute to poor cell phone signal coverage inside education facilities.

The main culprit tends to be building material. Many schools are built with concrete, brick, steel, and low-e glass, which are notorious for blocking and reflecting cell phone signals. Cell tower distance and outside interference also disrupt incoming signals which result in inadequate wireless network coverage.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters work around these challenges to provide wider coverage for universities, colleges, and k-12 schools.

WiFi is Not Enough

Many schools rely on WiFi networks to perform all operations, but it shouldn’t be the only wireless connection method available.

Networks tend to get overloaded when multiple people are participating in heavy data activity, resulting in interrupted learning and workflow productivity. Having a strong cellular network will help offload congestion from the WiFi network, providing faster data speeds for all.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters ensure the constant uptime of the 4G and 5G networks to increase learning and teaching productivity.

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