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Ikea, Houston Texas



Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

500,000 sq. ft.


WilsonPro 4000R

Wilson Pro Product

See How IKEA’s Distribution Center Got Signal In Time For Grand Opening.


With delays to their T1 internet installation, Gary and Simplice Bizimana, IT System Manager, relied on a 4G LTE router from Cisco to power the front office internet. However, building material & construction and cell tower distance heavily limited Verizon service on their router & Verizon MiFi Jetpacks. Internet and data speeds were abysmal.

With less than two weeks to opening and over dozens of front office, warehouse, and operations staff relying on instant connection & communication to efficiently do their jobs, Gary and Simplice needed a fast, it-just-works, and future-proof solution from Wilson Amplifiers to maintain the standard of operational quality Ikea is known for.



With a tight deadline approaching, Gary contacted Wilson Amplifiers and needed speed-to-execution within two weeks. Our Install Pro Team, from site survey, pre-install check-up, installation, and post-installation support, took less than a weekend. Gary and Simplice focused on four primary areas in the center that demanded always-on coverage at all times: 4G LTE router and Verizon Jetpacks, Front office, Conference rooms, and Break room.

Our team recommended the WilsonPro 4000R, because Ikea wanted the most powerful solution with the ability to scale in the future since the 4000R can support up to 16 internal antennas. With the power of 4 amplifiers in one design, it was the right choice to meet, exceed, and future-proof expectations. Its rack-mounted form factor also helped IT keep all technology hubs in one room.


Once everything was explained in terms of layout, expectations, and then approved by Gary & Simplice, the Install Pro Team quickly went to work. The Outside Antenna solution comprised of two antennas: an omni-directional and uni-directional (also known as Yagi). The omni antenna pulled signal from a 360 degree field of vision while the uni-directional antenna pointed right at the nearest Verizon cell tower. This dual antenna approached helped boost signal from all carriers while also focusing on Verizon to service the office MiFi.

The Install Pro Team ran cable along to and from the amplifier and was sight unseen, keeping installation clean while providing the four areas all the signal it needed. The Inside Antenna solution comprised of four dome antennas. One for the 4G LTE router. Two inside the front office & conference rooms. And one for the break room. The 4000R amplifier was placed into the server room where it could be monitored along with other high-end equipment.


With the improved signal, internet speeds improved dramatically. Gary & Simplice were confident that no slow data speeds would compromise the front office. So the Ikea Distribution Center would open without a hitch. Considering the time & money saved, especially for a busy project manager like Gary, it was a win on all fronts. AT&T went from -93 dB to -57 dB for an astonishing +36 dB of gain or 3,981% energy size increase! Or in "bar-speak" from zero bars to 3-4 bars.

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