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Register Your Booster

Under 47 CFR section 20.21(a), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires all customers register their cell phone signal booster with their cellular provider. This allows cellular carriers to better monitor their network (contact your carrier for more information).

All major carriers within the USA have agreed to the use of signal boosters on their networks and will provide an option to register your booster for no charge.

What Do I Need to Register My Cell Phone Signal Booster?

  • Owner and/or operator (if different from owner) information.
  • Signal booster information, such as make, model, serial number, and date of initial operation.
  • Signal booster location information.
  • Your account number in some cases.

How Do I Register My Booster?

Don't see your cellular provider? Contact your carrier for guidance on registering your cell phone signal booster.

Please Note: You DO NOT have to register your booster before purchase.

Does it Cost Anything to Register My Signal Booster?

You can easily register your cell phone signal booster for free.

How Do I Register a Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster if It is Not in a Fixed Location?

Some carriers will ask if your booster will be mobile or fixed. In cases where that option is not available, you can use the typical location of the vehicle booster. This could be your home, marina, RV storage space, etc.

If I Have More than One Booster, Do I Need to Register Each One?

Yes. You are required to register each cell phone signal booster where it will be used.

Do I Need to Let My Carrier Know If I Move My Home Cell Phone Booster to a Different Location?

Yes. If you want to use your home cellular booster in a different location, you must re-register the cellular booster.