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Zinwave Active DAS Installation

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Zinwave Active DAS

Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Active DAS is the most powerful cellular enhancing solution available. It significantly improves cellular coverage and capacity inside high-traffic buildings over 500,000 sq ft, leaving dropped calls and unreliable data in the past.

How it Works

Active DAS receives cellular signals directly from desired carrier(s) via base transceiver stations (BTSs) or small cells. Cellular signals are converted to digital and transmitted across fiber optic cables, enabling longer cable runs with little to no signal loss. Remote units convert the signal back to cellular for distributed antennas to broadcast.

1. Signal Source
2. Master Unit
3. Fiber or Ethernet Cabling
4. Remote Units
5. Antennas

Elevate Connectivity with Active DAS in 5 Simple Steps

Listening to
Your Needs
We listen to you and your team to create a solution that addresses your signal pain points
your site
Our experts will perform a signal survey of your site to start you on your journey to great signal
We will reach out to each carrier you’d like to integrate into your building to secure approvals for installation and to commission BTS station.
Designing Your
Using iBwave, state-of-the-art software, we turn your signal site survey into a solution for your business.
Certified technical experts bring your solutions to life on-site
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Our Active DAS Solutions

Zinwave Active DAS Installation For Any Network

Carrier - AT&T
Carrier - T-Mobile
Carrier - Verizon
Carrier - US Cellular
Carrier - Dish
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Frequently Asked Questions About Zinwave Active DAS

How Long Does Active DAS Take to Deploy? 

How Long Does It Take to Obtain Necessary Approvals?

Can Your Active DAS solution accommodate future technology changes and demand needs?

How Does Active DAS Differ from Passive DAS?

How Does Active DAS Differ from Hybrid DAS?

Which Industries Can Use Zinwave Active DAS?

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Free Consultation

Free, 30 minute consultation for our experts to understand your cell signal challenges.
Personal Attention

Personal Attention

We’ll work with you every step of the way on your commercial installation.
Designed to Specifications

Designed to Your Specifications

We use high-quality iBWave system designs to provide expected results before you spend a dime.
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We will travel to you, perform an on-site survey, and complete turnkey installation.
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Remote Monitoring Available

Using the WilsonPro Cloud, get consistent feedback on your upgraded cell service.
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Lifetime Support

Our Texas-based team is on call to deal with any interruptions of your service.