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13th Nov 2013 /
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Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cars & Trucks

Vehicle amplifiers are specifically designed for boosting cell phones inside cars, trucks, vans, RVs, ambulances, and watercrafts. Consider the following wireless, wired, and cradle vehicle solutions.

The Mobile Wireless amplifier (801201) is a multi-user solution which gives the ultimate power for a wireless mobile booster. It provides for up to 50dB gain and is dual-band boosting most North American 3G/EDGE signal frequencies (except iDEN, WiMax). It includes the “Hershey Bar” low-profile interior antenna (301127) which attaches to a dashboard using an adhesive velcro strip and a car power supply. It is available in multiple complete pre-built kits include: vehicle kit (801212), truck/RV kit (801201-T), boat kit (801201-B), and vehicle single-user cradle with wireless option (801212-K). For in-building use, consider the 859912-H Home/Office Kit.

The SignalBoost is a single-user solution which gives the power and efficiency of a direct connection. It works for most North American 3G/EDGE signals (excluding iDEN, WiMax). There are two interior antennas which work with this amplifier, the Ultra-Slim wired interior antenna (301143) which attaches to a device using a velcro strip and the Cradle Plus (301146), a hands-free cradle with built-in antenna which connects to a device placed onto it. Available variants include: amplifier-only plus ultra-slim antenna (811210), complete kit with 4in magnet-mount plus ultra-slim antenna (811211), and complete kit with 12in magnet-mount antenna and Cradle Plus antenna (811214).

The MobilePro is a wireless multi-user solution with a compact and modern design that provides for flexibility and easy mobility. It has the Hershey Bar interior antenna (301127) built in and works to enhance the 3G/EDGE signal for all North American networks (except iDEN, WiMax). The portability of the device allows for it to be easily moved between vehicle and desktop setting. It is available in five varieties, four of which are fully pre-built and include all components required for both vehicle and indoor usage. All of these varieties include the MobilePro amplifier, a dashboard mount which uses 3M adhesive, and a DC car charger. Available configurations are the amplifier-only with FME/SMA connector (801240), complete kit with 12in magnet-mount and home/office accessories (801241), complete kit with 4in magnet-mount and home/office accessories (801242), ultimate car/home bundle with two 12in magnet-mount antennas with desktop mount (801241-H), and ultimate car/home bundle with one 4in and one 12in magnet-mount antennas with desktop mount (801242-H).

The Sleeks provide a practical and convenient single-user solution. They include one 3G Sleek and four 4G Sleek amplifiers which combine amplifier and interior antenna into a compact cradle design. Sleeks are usually paired up with a 4in or 12in magnet-mount antenna (301126, 301125 respectively). Other car or trucker antennas can also be used when combined with the 971119 FME/SMA connector. All Sleeks are capable of boosting 3G/EDGE signal for all North American networks (except iDEN, WiMax). Variants for each Sleek include: amplifier-only, complete kit with 4in antenna, and complete kit with 4in antenna plus Home/Office Accessory Kit (859970). The 3G Sleek includes Sleek amplifier-only (815225), complete Sleek kit (815226), and complete Sleek bundle with Home/Office Accessory Kit (815226-H). The 4G Sleeks include Sleek 4G for all North American 4G LTE networks (813426, 813426-H), Sleek 4G-V for Verizon 4G LTE (815125, 815126, 815126-H), Sleek 4G-A for AT&T 4G LTE (815325, 815326, 815326-H), and Sleek 4G-C for Canadian 4G LTE (812726F, 812726F-H).

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