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Need Better Signal in Your Enterprise Level Business?

Commercial signal boosters are different than residential boosters. They work best when professionally installed. We can help!
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We’ve specialized in amplifying cellular signal since 2011, and have only gotten better with age. It’s an unusual but very real passion for us. It’s not just about amplifying signal - at Wilson Amplifiers, we make it our mission to put our CUSTOMERS FIRST.

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Read Featured Reviews
Mary S.
Review Stars
Results Delivered as Promised!
"Since the installation, we have spent Memorial Day weekend and this past three days at our cabin with perfect reception. We not only are able to receive and send text messages, make and receive calls, also we are able to stream movies. What a great surprise since we had no idea that was even remotely possible!"
Maura H.
Review Stars
Equipment and Tech Installation
"I received it quickly, and the first technician came to install it. However, after he connected everything, it did not help at all - all red. So I asked for another technician to be sent to check if anything can be done. Yes, the second technician said it had been set up all wrong in that the amplifier or extender was not facing the correct directRead more about review stating Equipment and Tech Installationion and in effect it was repeating on itself and cancelling the signal out. That second technician fixed the problem and now I can say it works very well."
William B.
Review Stars
Equipment and Tech Installation
"This is our second WeBoost. Have one in the motorhome and have been very happy with it. So, when we moved into the woods, we decided to get another. Works great! Installed ourselves. Took a bit to get everything working the way we needed, but well worth the efforts. As I stated, we now live in the woods. Hardwired Internet service is ridiculoRead more about review stating Very satisfied!usly expensive, terribly slow, and unreliable according to neighbors. Nearest cell tower is about 4 rolling hills miles away. Not even one full bar on a good day. We changed one phone over to a slightly better cell service for the area. With the amplifier, we get 2-3 bars with one phone service, and 3-4 with the other. No more dropped calls. We use hotspot data to stream the internet for tv. Not perfect, but works great! Live tv can be a little sketchy at times, but movie streaming is just about perfect. No complaints. I also use hotspot data to Remote Desktop with old clients. No problems. Tried our Facebook portal for a video call to my daughter yesterday. Excellent quality call. Very satisfied. To put up the antenna to the height we required, we used a fiberglass paint extension pole. We’re able to adjust the height, if necessary, to receive a better signal. Used the same system on the motorhome."
Nicholas P.
Review Stars
Home Complete Package at Camp
"Finally got the system installed this past weekend. We have a camp in a remote area. Once I turned it on all our phones started blowing up with messages. I was even able to log on to my dish app and get TV. Works better than I expected."
Kim F.
Review Stars
"The customer service was extraordinary. I called, explained what I needed accomplished, the landscape and geographical locations I drive for work and I was told exactly what I needed. I ordered, they delivered and I set it up in about 10 minutes. It's been about 30 days and I am still beyond pleased with this purchase. My service is so bad at homeRead more about review stating Extraordinary that I now go sit in my we are tackling cell and Internet next. Like a Wilson amplifier for the home coming. The joys of living in the Sierra Nevadas!"

Benefits of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal boosters keep you effortlessly connected in even the weakest of cellular signal environments. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go they offer:

  • Enhanced Call Quality: Enjoy clearer and more reliable voice calls with reduced instances of dropped or distorted calls.
  • Reduced Text Failure: Send and receive texts quickly, reducing delays in message delivery.
  • Improved Data Speeds: Experience faster internet browsing and streaming.
  • Extended Battery Life: Reduce the strain on your phone's battery with stronger cellular signal.
  • Better Indoor Reception: Get rid of signal challenges indoors, ensuring better cellular coverage throughout for all cellular devices.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Maintain a dependable cellular connection for crucial communication needs in emergency situations.

Cell phone signal boosters are the key to a seamless and optimized mobile experience, overcoming the hurdles of poor reception and ensuring you stay connected when it matters most.