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Wilson Amplifiers Review: The Good, The Bad, & The...Well, Strange

Your Voice, Our Ears, Let's Go We previously talked about our inclusion to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing List and how the real star of the show was you, the people who make us possible. Today, we take a deeper look at customer reviews about our service. With over 3,000 service & product reviews, we feel it's [...]

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Signal Booster Accessories - Taps

Welcome to the third in our series on Signal Booster Accessories! This week, we’ll be covering Taps (also called a Coupler). Last time we covered the Diplexer - click here to read about those. Our first week we covered the Splitter, click here to read about them.Multiple Indoor Antennas, Long Cable Runs Having multiple indoor antennas can [...]

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weBoost Model Comparison

weBoost has been the leading consumer brand of cell phone signal boosters since its creation in 2015. Since that time, a slew of new weBoost products have hit the markets, each tailoring to a different demographic. As an extension of the long-running, prestigious Wilson Electronics brand, weBoost has carved its own niche in the consumer [...]

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4 Things to Know Before Getting a Signal Booster

Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work? Yes. No. Kinda. It can be baffling to see these kind of responses if you are simply trying to find out if a product works. Fortunately, most of these responses can be understood better with a little education. So, without further ado, these are the four things everyone should know before buying a [...]

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Signal Booster Accessories - Diplexers

Welcome to the second in our series on Signal Booster Accessories! This week, we’ll be covering the handy Diplexer (also called a Combiner). The last part we covered was the Splitter - click here to read about those. Varying Frequency Strengths You’ve read our guide, but want more information about what exactly diplexers are and how they [...]

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Cell Phone Repeater Guide: A Solution For Every Situation

Wilson Amplifiers, the leading provider of Wilson Electronics and weBoost, has been boosting cell phone signal since 2011. With over 10,000,000 sq ft+ of cellular & RF coverage provided across USA and Canada, we provide cell phone repeaters for any home, vehicle, and building– a system for every situation. Cell phone repeaters (also known as cell [...]

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Signal Booster Accessories - Splitters

How Can I Get More From My Signal Booster? You’ve looked into signal booster systems, and read our guide. Now you want to know: is there any way to get more out of my booster? There sure is. Depending on your home or business’ size and layout, a signal booster expert might recommend multiple antennas to cover it. [...]

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Best Smartphone Apps to Find Your Mobile Signal Strength

Are there apps to boost my cellular reception? We've already covered finding your nearest cell phone tower. Now you want to know: Are there any cell phone apps that can boost my signal strength? Sadly, the answer is no. However, there are legitimate smartphone apps that can tell you exactly how poor your signal is and even the [...]

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Sprint Signal Booster

No, I Can't Hear You Now Sprint is one of the four biggest cell phone carriers in America with great nationwide coverage, aggressive pricing plans, and innovative services. However, there are times when getting Sprint 3G & 4G LTE signal into your home or car can be a bit of a challenge. You might be surprised to learn it's [...]

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T-Mobile Signal Booster

T-Mobile may boast about being the nation's only Uncarrier Service, but if you're not getting any signal on your cell phone, then even the cheapest plan is way too expensive.  Luckily, that's where boosting your T-Mobile 3G & 4G signal comes into play.  Let's look at why you've got poor signal and what you can do about it. The [...]

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