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What are the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home?

Getting Better 3G & 4G LTE Signal Inside Your Home You know the drill: Cell tower distance, trees, mountains, metal, glass, concrete, thick walls, even weather– a variety of things can interfere with your cell phone coverage everyday. Luckily for you, with over 121,000 signal boosters provided for all types of homes across rural and urban America, we [...]

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The Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas: Complete Guide

This is the life, isn't it? You're in your deep woods cabin or mountain cottage, off the grid, away from the noise, and surrounded by that peace only Mother Nature can provide. But, as they say, every rose has its thorns. The Problem: How to Get Cell Phone Service When There's None? Living in a remote, rural area also [...]

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The Very Best Method to Increase Your 4G LTE Data Speeds

It’s All Connected One of the most common questions we here at Wilson Amplifiers get is: “Will this booster increase my internet speed?” Yes and no. See, what cell phone signal boosters do is increase the strength of cellular signal. It has no effect on WiFi whatsoever. So for your computer or tablet, it won’t have any effect. Not [...]

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7 Best AT&T MicroCell Replacement Solutions

What is an AT&T MicroCell? When suffering from dropped calls, stuck text messages, and slow internet, an AT&T MicroCell acts like a mini-cell tower, providing signal inside the home or office to give you more bars and coverage for talk & text on [...]

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7 Best MetroPCS Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) is one of the largest prepaid wireless carriers in USA. As a T-Mobile subsidiary and MVNO, Metro also has extensive 3G & 4G LTE network coverage across America with reach up to 99% of the population. However, there are times when you're just not getting relialble service leading to dropped calls, [...]

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7 Best Straight Talk Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car: Get More Bars

Straight Talk is a national prepaid wireless operator under the partnership of TracFone Wireless & Walmart. Because they operate on all four major carrier networks (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint), Straight Talk has been the no-contract, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) carrier many customers are moving to when they need service without the hefty fees. Not everything is peaches [...]

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7 Best US Cellular Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

US Cellular is the country's fifth largest wireless carrier providing over 3G & 4G LTE service to over 5 million customers. But there are times when your US cellular service and coverage isn't cutting it. Luckily for you, that's where boosting your US Cellular 3G [...]

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What are the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cars, Trucks, RVs & Other Vehicles?

The Problem with Weak Signals Over 90% of Americans own a cell phone and 72% of them occasionally experience poor signal according to a Pew Reseach Center study.  Despite what you think, it's only going to get worse. Why? Cell tower distance: Physical distance and power transmission distance. More people, more phones: With more devices connecting [...]

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How Does A Signal Booster Work?

They're made from magical unicorn happiness ...ok, maybe not "Snake oil!" "Is it legal?" "Does it really work?" "Sounds like something [enter your least favorite politician or political party] would do." Once and awhile, we get questions about the ability and legal status of cell phone signal boosters.  The concern is perfectly valid. After all, cell phone boosters are a growing [...]

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7 Best Sprint Signal Boosters for Home, Office, and Car

Sprint may have some of the best value for unlimited plans, but if you're not getting any signal on your cell phone, even the cheapest plan isn't worth much if you can't make a call or stream a video. That's why boosting your Sprint 3G & 4G signal becomes the best option. Let's [...]

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