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Ambulance & EMS Cell Phone Booster Kits

Empowering Emergency Medical Services EMS (emergency medical service) personnel such as paramedics and first responders are generally the first to arrive and act during critical moments when time is limited and urgency is the key. They depend on their tools & equipment to work without fail. And nothing is more important than their EMS vehicles when ambulances and [...]

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​11 Facts & Reasons Why You Need to Own a Signal Booster

"So what are the advantages of owning a signal booster?" This is a question we get everyday at Wilson Amplifiers. Signal boosters help improve weak 3G & 4G service for any phone on any carrier. We know it's a bit frustrating that you're already paying these high bills for service that should be working flawlessly. But like water, [...]

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4G Signal Booster Guide: Getting Better Signal

The 5 Questions You Need to Know 1. How does a 4G signal booster help me? 4G cell phone signal boosters are FCC-certified devices that take weak 3G & 4G signals and amplify them up to 32X. They are able to boost signal to AND from the cell tower resulting in better talk, text, internet, and [...]

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weBoost Drive Sleek Review: The Bold & The Beautiful

New Design, Better Performance Today we review the weBoost Drive Sleek (model no. 470135). It's the successor to the weBoost Drive 4G-S, an entry-level cell phone signal booster for cars & trucks. Cell phone boosters amplify 3G & 4G LTE in weak signal areas. This cradle-unit is designed to hold & amplify one smartphone. For people always on the [...]

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Three's Company: Wilson Amplifiers Makes Inc 5000 Fastest Growing for 3rd Year

Another big thank you from Wilson Amplifiers For the third year in a row, Wilson Amplifiers has landed on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies. We would like to thank all our customers, partners, and team members for enabling us to do what we love: providing solutions.  While most companies like to start out the day talking [...]

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Shipping Delays Because of Hurricane Harvey

Up-to-date Information about Shipping Times[August 29th 2017, 2:30 PM CST] And we're back!Our other branches & partners across the country are  pitching in with fulfillment. So we expect all current & future orders to arrive on-time.Some orders (those placed on Friday August 25th) will be delayed until our postal partners continue under normal operations. For any questions [...]

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Why Commercial Property Managers & Developers Need to Budget for Cellular Solutions

Tenants Demand Class A Cellular Coverage to be Satisfied Commercial property managers often deal with maintaining and improving property value to enhance tenant retention and increase acquisition. However, there’s one building investment on the rise: many tenants & their customers are demanding full cellular coverage indoors. A new century, a new generation, and a new standard: people cannot [...]

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How Foresters & Forestry Technicians Depend on Cell Phone Boosters

From projects to monitoring: the need for instant communication When traveling deep into the woodlands and forests, many foresters and forest technicians often spend the majority of their time outdoors. The constant shifting terrain & wildlife along with the many job duties (surveying, spraying, measuring, analyzing, etc.) requires the ability to communicate instantly. Quick connection is no [...]

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11 Major Building Materials That Kill Your Cell Phone Reception

♫ It's a brick house. It's mighty mighty blocking all that signal out ♫ It's no secret.  Building structure and material is generally the leading cause of poor cell phone signal in America. Even if you live in the boonies where cell tower distance is a big problem, having a metal roof or brick wall is basically [...]

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Commercial Cell Phone Boosters: Getting Stronger Signal for Large Buildings

Welcome to the "Fourth Utility" In-building cellular coverage is a no longer a luxury but a requirement. Our dependence on mobile devices is a part of modern essentials like water, gas, and electricity. This "fourth utility" of cellular coverage is about efficiency, convenience, and even public safety. From employers to employees and from tenants to visitors, everybody is [...]

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