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11 Major Building Materials That Kill Your Cell Phone Reception

♫ It's a brick house. It's mighty mighty blocking all that signal out ♫ It's no secret.  Building structure and material is generally the leading cause of poor cell phone signal in America. Even if you live in the boonies where cell tower distance is a big problem, having a metal roof or brick wall is basically [...]

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Commercial Cell Phone Boosters: Getting Stronger Signal for Large Buildings

Welcome to the "Fourth Utility" In-building cellular coverage is a no longer a luxury but a requirement. Our dependence on mobile devices is a part of modern essentials like water, gas, and electricity. This "fourth utility" of cellular coverage is about efficiency, convenience, and even public safety. From employers to employees and from tenants to visitors, everybody is [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Signal Booster

When your Galaxy S signal is in a different universe So you love your Samsung Galaxy phone. Doesn't matter if it's a S6, S7, or S8, if you're not getting any bars, you've got a fun & portable paperweight.  The question is why. Is it your carrier's fault? Sometimes yes, but there are other factors that are out [...]

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Hey, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint: Don't Let Your Customers Switch Carriers

No, It's Not Your Fault So your long-time customer is complaining. "Not getting any bars."  "I'm dropping calls." "Nothing is working for me... think I'm going to switch carriers." And for any solutions expert like yourself, this is the last thing you want to hear.  Because, it's not your company's fault. Here's why:  Cell phone signals are radio waves, the AM-FM kind. And [...]

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In-Car 4G Wifi Services: Signal Boosting Solutions

When car wifi goes wrong So you've got a connected car with full wifi services from OnStar, Zubie, a mobile hotspot, or built-in wifi or dongle provided by AT&T or Verizon. Whether you're on the move or stuck in traffic, you have the comfort of the internet and connection to keep you (and the kids) busy. But not [...]

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5G is Coming: Here's What We Learned at the 5G North America Conference

1. It's coming in late 2019. Although 5G standards are still in discussion (however, getting closer to finalizing specs), many carriers and technology partners are already field-testing 5G with a roll-out in late 2019. In the meantime, the next evolution of 4G LTE is coming by the name of gigabit LTE or LTE-Advanced Pro.  Currently, 4G LTE has [...]

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Boys & Girls Country Club: You Helped Donate $2000 to Charity

During the month of February, a portion of our sales were donated to the Boys & Girls Country in Houston, TX.  Thanks to the Signal Angels & their suggestion, a $2,000 check was presented to the hardworking men & women who take in children needing guidance & direction, mentoring them into responsible adults with family values and most [...]

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Boost Mobile Signal Booster

Boost Mobile is a pre-paid cell phone service using Sprint's nationwide 4G LTE to power their popular no-contract plans. Despite boasting a  99% nationwide coverage on the 4G LTE and enhanced LTE networks, there are times when poor reception affects your area & service. But why does this happen?The Problem: It's a general issue for all cell phones, poor [...]

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dB Gain: The Most Important Thing to Your Cell Phone

What is dB gain? Well, without it, forget about calls, emails, texts, internet, social media, apps, and almost everything else about your smartphone. That's because dB gain reading is the best way to read signal strength on your cell phone. But what about cell phone bars? Not even close. dB reading is the best method and here's why:The Most Accurate [...]

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Case Study: IKEA

Ready-to-Assemble Solution in Houston, Texas The Customer Gary Holler is a project manager of  IKEA, a Swedish multinational company that is the largest furniture & home decoration retailer in the world with nearly 400 stores in 48 countries. With a 500,000 sq ft distribution center located in Baytown, Texas (part of Houston metro), it's the first IKEA Distribution Center [...]

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