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Antennas for Car Cell Phone Signal Boosters
16th Jun 2015 /
by James N / Comments

Antennas for Car Cell Phone Signal Boosters

cell phone signal booster antennas

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In our last post, we looked at outdoor antennas for cell phone signal boosters for home. This week, we look at outdoor antennas for all vehicles: cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.

Car Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas

Most car owners that own cell phone signal boosters want indiscreet parts. Nothing too big, too bulky or anything that will call attention to them.

That’s why mini-magnet mount antennas are the norm. Although compact, they’re actually powerful performers, featuring up to 5.6 dB gain. The strong magnet base generally keeps it firmly in place.

There are also non-magnet options, which means holes need to be drilled. They offer more secure positioning, slightly more durability, and are permanent installations.

Truck & RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas

For semi-trucks and RV owners, they need something that can withstand the elements. Whether weather, bumps, and bruises, they need a robust outside antenna for their signal booster.

RV/Trucker antennas are spring-mounted, meaning they absorb a lot of shock and are extremely durable. They can be mounted to metal, fiberglass, wood. And of course, they’re slightly more powerful than regular car antennas.

But at nearly 22 inches long, it’s something that definitely stands out.

Boat Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas

For boat and yacht owners, saltwater erosion is the biggest problem. So being weatherproof and durable to sea elements is the most important factor.

The Marine antenna is made from fiberglass and stainless stain, so no worries about saltwater erosion here.

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