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7th Apr 2014 /
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Get Over Your Signal Problems Once And For All – Say Hello to Wilson 811214 SignalBoost Complete Kit

Whether you’re getting dropped calls all the time or just poor reception in general, you can now solve all your signal problems by getting your hands on a signal booster device. But before that, let’s explore why these problems occur.

So Why Do Signal Problems Occur?

There are a number of things that can cause low signal reception at your home or office. These causes can be natural or man-made.

Natural Causes of Signal Problems

Any of the following types of natural obstructions can contribute to weakening the signal before it reaches to you:

  • Hills
  • Mountains
  • Trees

Man-made Causes of Signal Problems

It’s unfair to pin all the blame on nature; man-made structures are one of the foremost reasons for cellular signal issues. Any of the following types of structures are known to weaken signals:

  • Building materials such as concrete, metal siding, wire mesh.
  • Radio wave interference
  • Window tinting on cars and home windows.

Proximity to Cellular Towers

Another factor that determines signal strength is how close you are to your carrier’s tower. Cell phone carriers strategically install these towers at certain locations to ensure that their coverage is uniform. However, sometimes this still isn’t sufficient. It may take anywhere from a few months to years for the company to actually go about installing a tower near you.

What’s the Solution?

Instead of waiting for the company to come by and install a tower – you can fix your problems now by getting a cell phone signal booster.

So What Is A Signal Booster?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A signal booster is a device designed to receive the signal from the tower and amplify it directly to your phone.

Signal boosters are great for those who live in rural areas where signal problems are considered a norm.

How Do I Choose a Signal Booster?

Before choosing the right signal booster, there are some things to consider:

The Carriers Your Use – Cell phone signal boosters are designed to boost certain frequencies. For example, your carrier may be providing services on either 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE. This is why you should figure out which network is used by your specific carrier. Generally, most of the carriers in North America use the 2G and 3G networks – therefore you’ll be able to amplify the signal of any carrier that is based on those networks.

Signal Strength of Your Carriers – The next thing you need to find is the current strength of signals of the carriers in your area. This will help you choose the right amplifier. If you experience very weak signals, then you should opt for a stronger signal booster and vice versa.

Area that Needs Coverage – The last thing you should be aware of is the size of the area that is needed to be covered. Certain signal booster kits can cover all of your cellular needs, whether they are needed at home, or on the road in your vehicle. Some can even boost your signal when you’re out on your boat!

Wilson 811214 SignalBoost Complete Kit

The Wilson 811214 SignalBoost Complete Kit is a powerful signal booster that offers a wide array of features:

  • It can connect directly to your device
  • It comes with a dash-mount cradle
  • It has a 12 inch magnet mountable outside antenna
  • It significantly reduces the number of dropped calls
  • It extends range of signals and increase the data speeds
  • It is a direct-connect amplifier, therefore no problems of any oscillations occurring
  • Contains an overload protection circuit
  • It is certified by FCC


Wilson 811214 SignalBoost Complete Kit can be used in several ways. You can use this kit to boost signals at your home or office, in your car or truck as well as RVs and boats!


The Wilson 811214 Signal Boost kit is a great choice because it offers so much:

  • It can work with all PCS and Cellular networks
  • All North American carriers that are known to transmit at 824-894 and 1850-1990 MHz frequencies are supported
  • Works with CDMA, TDMA, AMPS, GSM, 3G, HSDPA, EVDO and EDGE
  • Is compatible with 50 Ohm antennas

However, it does not support Nextel, Verizon 4G LTE and AT&T LTE.

What’s included

The package includes:

  • 1.A Wilson 811210 Signal Boost Dual-Band Cellular & PCS Amplifier
  • 2.A Wilson 301103 12” magnet mountable external antenna
  • 3.A Wilson 301146 cradle plus


Easy to Use – Includes easy to follow directions which will ensure that you’ll have no problems in setting up and using your signal booster device.

Durability – The device is made up of high quality materials and gives off a premium look and feel.

Great Value for Your Money – Considering the set of features offered by this device, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Customer Service – Wilson’s customer service is exceptional. Experts are always ready to help.


The Wilson 811214 Signal Boost kit can help bring an end to your signal woes. The kit will suit your needs regardless of whether you plan to use it in buildings, or on the road. Wilson’s 30-day return policy and free fast shipping allow you to try it out risk-free. Grab this kit now and put an end to your signal problems once and for all.

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