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weBoost Drive Reach Review

weBoost drive reach review

weBoost Drive Reach vs weBoost Drive 4G-X: Which is Better?

The weBoost Drive Reach (470154) is out now, and makes some pretty bold claims as to its power. But while it might be newer, is it actually better than the weBoost Drive 4G-X?

We conducted several thorough tests to figure out the answer to this question, and we’re happy to share them with you here in our official weBoost Drive Reach review.

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The Tests

test site

For this test, we went to a suburban area that was in the process of being developed in the southwestern Houston area. The outdoor signal was consistently less than -110 dB for all carriers, owing to the distance from the nearest cell tower. As you can see, we installed the Drive Reach under the back seat, and did the same for the Drive 4G-X, to ensure similar cable runs.

We also tested both boosters while driving around a forested area, which are notorious for spotty signal.

For these tests, we used exactly what came in the box for both signal boosters. We tested all carriers, but for the sake of space, we’ll only show AT&T and Verizon in images.

The Results

weBoost Drive 4G-X

att drive 4G-X before and after

verizon drive 4G-X before and after

  • T-Mobile - Before: -120, After: -108
  • Sprint - Before: -113, After: -90 (does not include Band 41, which means it fluctuates wildly)

As you can see, the Drive 4G-X gives moderately boosted signal, being brought from the -100dB to the -90dB range, turning unusable signal into usable signal. It particularly performs best on Verizon. It's definitely better than having no booster at all in a weak signal area.

weBoost Drive Reach

att drive reach before and after

verizon drive reach before and after

  • T-Mobile - Before: -120, After: -108
  • Sprint - Before: -113, After: -95 (this includes Band 41, so this reading is stable)
  • While Moving (AT&T) - Before: -102, After: -76

While the Drive 4G-X gave decent results, it’s clear the Reach is able to do more. The worst signal we received with the Reach active was -95 dB from Sprint, which was -90 dB with the Drive 4G-X but lacked consistency. Each and every other reading was superior.


If you really value your signal on the road, the Drive Reach is a no brainer. It may cost $50 more, but it is simply a better product than the Drive 4G-X. Wilson Electronics has truly created an impressive booster here.

  • Up to +50 dB of gain - the max allowed for a mobile signal booster in North America
  • Highest uplink output of any vehicle booster
  • Works for all phones and all carriers
  • Boosts 698-716 MHz, 729-746 MHz, 777-787 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 1850-1995 MHz, 1710-1755/2110-2115 MHz cellular radio frequencies.
  • Sleek, metallic exterior designed to displace excess heat for peak performance
  • Custom bracket for under seat or in-truck mounting options
  • Easy to use SMB connectors
  • Better talk, text, and data speeds guaranteed

Only at
  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.

Please let us know what you think of this review or the weBoost Drive Reach in the comments below.

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