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Does a sub $10 product really fix your poor cell phone reception?

This week, we decided to test the Cell Antenna booster sticker by Generation X. These are inexpensive stickers that you place behind your battery that supposedly improves your signal. 

In today's review, we are going to compare dB gain (the scientific way of looking at cellular signal strength) and a before and after internet speed test. We're not going to cross our fingers on this one, but as professional signal boosting experts, we're all about results no matter how high-brow or low-brow. 

So let's begin:

#1: The Sticker

The product itself is literally a sticker with some metal lining design. According to the back of the package, the Cell Antenna "captures stray radiation in the body of the phone and to re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's performance."

In plain English: It's a signal strength diaper for your phone. No leakage here. 

#2: The Phone

Very important info: These cell antenna boosting stickers only work for smartphones with removable batteries. So that basically a BIG NO to all things iPhones and Apple products. So rejoice Android users. This review is for you. 

We're using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with AT&T service as our test phone.

#3: Installing the Cell Antenna Sticker

Fairly, simple instructions. Remove battery cover and find the manufacturer's sticker. And then just place it in the center.

#4: Signal Strength & Speed Test Results

On dB reading, we had a -84 dBm before and a -87 dBm after. Basically, the signal has weakened by 2X! Yikes. Learn more about dB signal and what it means with our blog post: How to Read Signal Signal Strength The Right Way.

For download speed tests we used Speetest.net by Ookla. The before and after tell another story. With download speeds at 3.55 Mbps before and 4.25 Mbps after. But of course, the upload speeds before were much higher at 12.35 Mbps compared to 9.93 Mbps after. 

And for those who prefer the bar talk, it was 4 bars of 4G LTE before and 3 bars of 4G LTE after. 

#5: Conclusion

Luckily, we ran two more tests with almost the same results. Now, we also know that cell phone signals are quite flaky since there are almost a dozen factors that influence these speed tests. 

By our own estimation (based on the three tests and other data from testing signal boosters), we would say a variance of +/- 3 dB is normal even when the phone is at the same spot. Again, this happens because of many reasons: number of users on the cell tower network, better cell phone antenna tracking when phone is stationary, time of day, weather conditions, etc.

So what does this all mean?

The Cell Antenna boost sticker did not help nor harm our signal strength

Based on our tests, it's literally a sticker.  

Want to learn more about how to really boost your signal? Check out our guide on cell phone boosters:

Need a person touch? Email us today ( sales@wilsonamplifiers.com) or give us a call at 1-800-568-2723. A cell phone signal expert will gladly assist you in getting better signal instantly.

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