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weBoost Model Comparison
19th Nov 2018 /
by Alex B. / Comments

weBoost Model Comparison

weBoost has been the leading consumer brand of cell phone signal boosters since its creation in 2015. Since that time, a slew of new weBoost products have hit the markets, each tailoring to a different demographic. As an extension of the long-running, prestigious Wilson Electronics brand, weBoost has carved its own niche in the consumer booster space.

WilsonAmplifiers is the #1 reseller in America of weBoost signal boosters. Our name dates back to the days when weBoost was still called Wilson Electronics (a name now reserved for Wilson’s commercial boosters).

Knowing that, it’s easy to lose track of all the different products available on our site. weBoost, Wilson...what you’re really interested in is the solution that’s right for you, not a brand.

With that in mind, we’ve created two simple diagrams to inform you, at a glance, what some of the differences are between the common home and vehicle signal boosters weBoost offers.

weBoost Home Signal Boosters

weBoost Home Signal Boosters Comparison Chart

weBoost Vehicle Signal Boosters

weBoost Vehicle Signal Boosters Comparison Chart

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