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What is a MoCA Network and How Does It Work?

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
20th Apr 2021

Access to the internet has become an important part of everyone’s daily lives, whether it’s for work, play, or, you know, googling medical symptoms (view images at your own risk, doc). If you’re fortunate to have home internet access, then might we ask: how happy are you with your internet connection? Traditional wifi networks work just fine for most, but if you have concerns about the reliability of your connection, then the good news is: you have options.

While we tend to recommend data networks with a signal booster, another alternative to consider is a MoCA network.

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What is a MoCA network?

MoCa is shorthand for Multimedia over Coax Alliance, a wired internet option that uses existing coaxial cables to connect to your network instead of traditional mesh WiFi. Gamers and streamers, this one's for you.

How does a MoCA network work?

Most households use Ethernet cables to connect to the internet. Though Ethernet can travel over coaxial cables, it’s common practice (and cheaper) to use twisted pair cables—the thinner cords that clip into your modem and computer—to connect to the local area network (LAN). If you’re using WiFi, your router converts the Ethernet connection into a radio frequency that’s then broadcast to your wireless devices.

A MoCA network uses coaxial cables—like the cords that screw into the back of your TV—to connect your modem to the internet. Since most homes only have one or two Ethernet ports, utilizing the coaxial cables (traditionally used to connect your television to set-top boxes and cable TV in each room) not only gives you more options to connect to wired internet throughout the house, it can also help you speed up your internet connection. And even if you’re a cord-cutter, you likely still have these coaxial cable ports somewhere in your home.

What are the benefits of a MoCA network?

One major advantage to MoCA networks is that they can be connected using the wiring that already exists in your building, so you don’t have to punch holes in the walls and run yards and yards of cables to rewire the whole house. Renters, this option is right up your alley if you want faster, more reliable internet without screwing up your deposit.

How hard is a MoCA network to install?

Because the wiring already exists in multiple rooms in most homes, installing a MoCA network is relatively intuitive. Just connect your MoCA adapter(s) to power, plug into your cable hook-up, then connect to your devices and you're pretty much good to go. If you’re looking to add multiple access points throughout the house, then you’ll need multiple MoCA network adapters for the job.

How is a MoCA network different from WiFi?

In addition to being relatively easy to install, MoCA networks are also more reliable than your standard WiFi. Because coax cables are made with shielded metal wires, they reduce interference from external sources. This makes it a popular WiFi complement for the dead zones in your house, since we all know how easy it is to slow down or block a wireless signal. But when you plug your gaming consoles, smart TVs, and desktop computers directly into the source, there’s no building materials, weather, or user traffic clogging up the airwaves—just a strong and steady stream of blissful, uninterrupted high-speed internet.

MoCA adapters also boast low latency and faster speeds, which is huge for gamers and streamers—and the onslaught of video conferencing that now dominates our lives. Plus, using a wired MoCA connection can free up some bandwidth for your WiFi network, ultimately improving your wireless connection for the devices that need it to function, like phones, tablets, laptops, and anything else that wouldn’t make a ton of sense to plug in to a wall. If you make the switch to MoCA for all of your stationary internet devices, then everything runs faster!

How do I install a MoCA network?

You just connect a first MoCA Adapter to your modem/router and the second to your media player near a coaxial port. Some modems/routers are already MoCA enabled; in this case you will need a only single MoCA Adapter at the other end.

Sometimes media players are not close to a coaxial port. In this case a MoCA Network Extender may be used instead of a second MoCA Adapter. You will connect one MoCA Adapter to your modem/router.

How else can I supplement my home internet?

If you’re still not wooed by the sound of wired internet from a MoCA network, then a signal booster offers a simple and attractive solution. Cell phone signal boosters amplify your existing cellular signal, making it easy to keep your devices running quickly, efficiently, and—best of all—wirelessly.

If you’re not sure where to start, our customer support team ( or 1-800-568-2723) will be happy to talk you through all of our options, and steer you in the right direction.

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