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27th Mar 2014 /
by Wilson Amplifiers / Comments

Wilson AG Pro Quint Band Building Signal Booster Kit

The Wilson AG Pro Quint is one of the most affordable cell phone signal boosters in the market. The product is available in several models with slightly different features and comes in a kit as well. The kit contains a +75d power amplifier, a directional indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna and two lengths of cables that feature very low loss values. One of these is of 30 ft and the other is of 50 ft.

Wilsons’s AG Pro Quit supports a large number of carriers in the country and technologies such as CDMA, ECDO, and LTE. Though any antenna can be used with the amplifier, better results can be achieved if Wilsons’s products are used, which is why the kit is being recommended. On the front panel of the device, there are several knobs that can be used for adjusting the gains.

Main Features

  • Great amplification values
  • Provides coverage for large regions
  • Simultaneous boosting signals of different carries
  • Operates on five frequency bands: Verizon and AT&T (700 MHz 4g), AWS (800 MHz, 1900 MHz) and Sprint (1900 MHz 4G)
  • Support available for GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, HSPA+ and EVDO
  • Small and compact which makes handling easy
  • Based on the cell tower friendly technology
  • Approved by FCC

Package Components

  • AG Pro Quint amplifier
  • Outside directional and indoor wall mount antenna
  • Ultra low loss coaxial cables of 30 ft and 50 ft
  • Male-male connectors
  • DC power supply


There are many benefits of using the Wilson Signal Booster Building Kit. The primary ones of these is a better signal reception even inside the building. You no longer have to go outside, and you will still have a strong signal, resulting in lower dropped calls. Moreover, the battery of your cell phone does not weaken that fast because signals are always available, and it does not have to search for one.

Obviously any signal booster can be used, but Wilson’s products have an extra edge that you will not gain should you opt for any other manufacturer. The Wilson Pro amplifier has been designed using the most advanced technology which results in a highly efficient system. As such, the performance is significantly better when compared to other competitors.

The Wilson Pro Quint amplifier will produce results for every carrier and can be used for improving the performance of 2G, 3G and 4G networks.


The front panel of the amplifier has light indicators that can help you in troubleshooting the device if a problem arises and disrupts functioning. The red lights have to be dealt with first and then the orange.


A green light indicates that the unit is operating properly. You will not have to do anything if this light is on.


The orange light turns on if the load on the device increases. The amplifier features protection circuits that are aimed at preventing disruption of the cell towers. If the indicator turns orange, it means that the device has decreased the gain because of a nearby cell tower. In this case, decrease the gain until all lights turn green once more.

Monitor your coverage. If it is not good, turn the gain high again. Now change the position of the outside antenna until it is at an adequate distance from the cell towers. In such a case, the lights will turn green.


A red light implies that the booster has turned off so that an oscillation can be prevented. Most often, this happens when the inside and outside antennas are positioned nearby. If this oscillation continues to take place, it can be transmitted to a cell tower and interrupt its operation, resulting in blocked calls. The laws do not allow it so the booster has been designed such that the system switches off completely if any oscillations arise.

In order to solve the problem, first unplug the power supply and disconnect the coaxial cables. Decrease the gain to the lowers value, and turn on the device. If all lights are green, proceed forward otherwise contact the manufacturer’s customer service department. The details will be given on their website.

For the case in which all indicators light up green, turn off the device again. Connect the coaxial cables and inspect the connections; they should be proper and tight. Now increase the gain until you are satisfied with the coverage. If the light turns red before this, turn off the devices. Remove the inside and outside antennas further apart. Remember that the outside antenna must point towards the cell tower and its back end must be directed towards the inside antenna.

Only when you do this will the lights turn green and you will get maximum coverage. If you have any problems, contact Wilsons’s support time. 

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