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WilsonPro 1000c: The Next Gen of Cloud-Connected Signal Boosters
12th Sep 2018 /
by James N / Comments

WilsonPro 1000c: The Next Gen of Cloud-Connected Signal Boosters

WilsonPro 1000c Signal Boosters

Wilson Electronics, the leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters in North America, has recently released the WilsonPro 1000c, the first cloud-connected and controlled enterprise signal booster.

The  WilsonPro 1000c provides reliable talk, text, data, 3G and 4G LTE in-building coverage for up to 35,000 sq ft. In addition to Wilson’s forward technology featuring XDR and onboard automatic gain adjustment software for better coverage and connectivity, the WilsonPro 1000c is the first product to feature WilsonPro Cloud.

WilsonPro Cloud is an advanced remote monitoring platform providing IT and integrators the ability to actively monitor and control RF performance in real-time from a phone, tablet, or notebook. This allows for daily monitoring, faster troubleshooting, and ultimately, an ounce of prevention before a pound of cure.

wilson pro 1000c ethernet

WilsonPro Cloud can be connected via LTE connection through the WilsonPro 1000c’s donor antenna or through a traditional RJ-45 ethernet connection. Customizable emails and text messages alert IT or integrators of any status changes. Managers can also generate reports and view historical graph performance to ensure continual system optimization.

Most importantly, managers can remotely diagnose signal strength problems and tune specific frequency bands on & off which alleviates the need to send on-site technicians to fix a problem.

wilsonpro 1000c remote monitoring

Pro 1000C Key Features

  • Remotely reset an amp or turn specific frequency bands on & off
  • Generate reports & view performance histories on your phone
  • Organize monitored amps by account and location
  • Remote donor antenna tuning tool
  • Included 1-year WilsonPro Cloud service subscription
  • Covers up to 35,000 sq ft with enhanced 4G LTE & 3G signal
  • +15 dB max downlink power for expanded indoor coverage
  • Includes XDR - won't shut down due to overpowering tower signal
  • Full color display for easy system set up
  • Works with all U.S. cellular networks

wilsonpro 1000c

Pro 1000C Kit Includes

  • WilsonPro 1000C amplifier
  • Wide Band Directional Antenna + 75’ Wilson 400 Cable
  • Dome Antenna + 100’ Wilson 400 Cable
  • 2’ Wilson 400
  • Lightning Surge Protector

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