Sweeter Signal in a Chic Café in Texas.

Cafe Marrese Case Study

The Customer

Allen and Leona Green are the owners of Café Marrese, a family-owned café shop located in Tomball, Texas (part of Houston’s greater metropolitan area).

It’s secretly the place to get the best coffee in town without heading into town.

However, despite its modest external appearance and low-key vibe, the cozy inside ambiance along with a robust breakfast menu and, of course, excellent coffee has made Café Marrese the place to be. Locals, Yelpers, and foodies find it to be the place to relax, drink a cup of joe, and work in a relaxed environment.

Cafe Marrese Owners

Allen & Leona Green
Owners of Café Marrese Tomball, TX

The Problem

With the increase in customers & clients comes the demand for strong cellular signal for work & play. However inside the café & its adjacent venues, one featuring a Conference Room that holds 75 people, getting reliable cell signal was next to impossible.


Café Marrese needed better inside signal for all carriers (especially AT&T) to make outgoing and receive incoming calls along with a reliable connection to send emails during those long business conferences.

That’s when they contacted Wilson Amplifiers.

Customer Quote Allen said:

Customer QuoteWe had absolutely no service from AT&T inside. None. Many of our event rooms are booked almost every day for business meetings, but we’d hear the complaints about the poor reception. We’d often see them running outside to make the call.

The Solution

Wilson Amplifiers sent their in-house install team known as Install Pro Team to do a pre-install checkup and signal reading.

In total, the café & its event rooms measured around 3,500 sq ft. The team recommended the Wilson Pro 70 signal booster with potential coverage ranging from 10,000 sq ft to 17,500 sq ft.

This was recommended due to the extreme distance of the cell tower, therefore a pro-grade model was needed to ensure consistent coverage and stronger signal.


Once everything was explained in terms of layout, expectations, and then approved by Allen & Leona, the Install Pro Team quickly went to work.

The Outside Antenna was installed in an area where it could capture the best signal for AT&T. Two Inside Antennas were used to rebroadcast the boosted signal to the Conference Room & café dining area.

The Install Pro Team deftly ran cable to and from the amplifier and was sight unseen, thereby, keeping the aesthetic of Café Marrese while giving it the signal it needed.

The Result

With the improved signal, customers are able to be more productive and satisfied, thereby increasing Café Marrese's customer retention and purchasing potential.

Across the board for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and other carriers, signal improved by 2-3 bars.

AT&T went from -93 dB to -57 dB for an astonishing +36 dB of gain or 3,981% energy size increase! Or in "bar-speak" from zero bars to 3-4 bars.

Customer Quote Leona said

Customer QuoteNight and day. Went from no signal to 3 bars with just a flip of a switch. We're very satisfied with the results, especially now we've got working signal inside for AT&T.

Signal Strength Test Results

AT&T Results
T-Mobile Results
Verizon Results
Sprint Results
End Results

Customer QuoteHighly recommended product & service. When things are working like they're supposed to, you tend to take them for granted. But now that we've got solid signal inside the cafe and conference rooms we're very lucky to be providing the type of all-around service our guests expect of us. Thanks to the team at Wilson Amplifiers.