GL Seaman & Company

Dallas, TX
GL Seaman & Company, Dallas, TX


GL Seaman

Installation Type:

In-Building Cellular Solution

Building Size:

30,000 sq ft

Better Cellular Furnishings in Dallas, TX


Accessibility and immediate responses are the two key elements of GL Seaman’s success. But with poor mobile reception inside their 30,000 sq ft office, sales people were unable to provide quality service when clients called in with a question or request.

“Employees were having a very difficult time trying to maintain any type of mobile signal in our building,” Mark Huckaba, Director of IT, said. “They would either experience dropped calls or have to move to a different location in the building to maintain enough signal to make or take a call. Our sales people were frustrated and embarrassed when dropping calls while trying to speak with clients on their mobile phones.”


The Install Pro Team at Wilson Amplifiers needed only three days for full turnkey installation from site-survey to post-installation optimization. The 30,000 sq ft building needed two Wilson Pro 70 Plus units with a total of 8 inside antennas and 2 outside antennas to amplify all major carriers with a focus on AT&T.


Signal improved dramatically across all carriers. The average dB went from -115 dBm to -86 dBm for a +29 dB gain or 794% performance increase! Average download and upload speeds went from .45 Mbps and .04 Mbps to 10 Mbps and 9 Mbps for an increase of 22x on download speeds and 225x on upload speeds. “With the new system in place, the ability to make/take calls has vastly improved. No more dropped calls and no more signal issues,” Mr. Huckaba said. “Incredible improvement and no more complaints from the employees!”

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