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Cellular Coverage for 250,000+ sq. ft. State-of-the-art Plant.

The Customer

Nypro, a Jabil company, produces first-class healthcare products with start-to-finish capabilities in product and mold design, manufacturing, injection molding, and high-speed automated assembly.

Jabil’s engineering, manufacturing, and intelligent supply chain solutions operate in over 90 locations in 23 countries providing accelerated product commercialization with the highest-quality materials.

The Problem

After expanding their manufacturing plant into a 250,000 sq ft all-metal building, NyPro needed to upgrade from a one-carrier legacy signal booster to something that would support all carriers.

Craig Bates, senior systems engineer, needed to find a solution that would bypass the all-metal building material and provide quality coverage for the workers inside.

Without the help of a booster, most frequencies were too weak to service calls or use data on their phones.

The Solution

After contacting our Install Pro Team, our systems design specialists worked with Craig to measure the outside signal and designed a floor plan to focus on high priority areas.

Our Install Pro Team recommended two WilsonPro 4000Rs, which covers up to 100,000 sq ft per unit and improves 3G & 4G LTE for all carriers. The rack-mount unit also allows for easy handling since it can be placed in any IT cabinet or shelf.

The Result

Before in most areas,frequencies were -100 dBm or worse. After installation of a signal booster, it went to -60 dBm. In layman's term, the quality of cellular signal improved by 10,000x!

Literally from limited service to reliable reception with the flip of a switch.

"Upon installation, our frequency measurements in areas improved dramatically. Calls, texts, and internet are all functioning well. I am more than happy with the service and results."

Craig Bates
Senior Systems Engineer

Calls, texts, and internet are all functioning well. I am more than happy with the service and results.

Talk to Our Cell Phone Signal Booster Experts

Meet our dedicated Wilson Pro Customer Support Experts. They are ready to answer any of your questions and help you choose the best system for your specific situation. Contact us for FREE consultation and assistance.

Brandon Davis

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

"Mobile communications are essential to business and operations today. Our team helps you provide cellular coverage to your customers and employees where and when they need it."

Kat Walker

Commercial Solutions Manager

"Our solutions provide an outstanding alternative to any DAS solution both from a pricing and logistical perspective. We are the industry experts."

Josh Milsop

B2B Enterprise Sales Lead

"Our largest installation to date is over 500,000 sq. ft. No matter what your industry or building type, we got you covered."

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