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Major Construction Contractor Suffered Poor Cellular Service in Regional Headquarters

The Customer

Rogers O’Brien Construction is one of the largest building contractors in Texas. Since 1969, they have firmly established themselves in the commercial construction industry. They have several regional headquarters all around the large state of Texas.

The Problem

The Austin, Texas regional office of Rogers O’Brien Construction suffered from very unreliable cell service. The location and makeup of the building prevented the deployment of Voice-Over IP to their employees, and kept them running behind the ever advancing telecommunications curve.

With a highly mobile workforce working jobs across the state and a coordination team suffering ffrom constant interruptions and frustrations, Michael Shepard of Rogers O’Brien knew he had to do something.

The Solution

The Bolton Install Pro team proceeded to do a full site walk in order to determine the scope of the problem. That done, a plan was created in concert with Mr. Shepard and his team.

Rogers O’Brien needed total coverage, which called for numerous strategically placed dome antennas. Eight in all were incorporated into the design, which necessitated the use of two WilsonPro 1100 units. These units each powered four separate antennas within the complex layout, providing excellent signal throughout the building.

Design in hand, the Bolton Install Pros scheduled a date and time for installation. Several hours and a site walk later, the Austin offices of Rogers O’Brien no longer suffered from the dropped calls that had plagued them.

The Result

With the system installed, dropped calls ended. Work continued without interruption, with new possibilities.

"This has not only improved the quality of our communication, but freed us up to take the next step in telephony technology,” said Shepard. “Believe me: take the time to get an evaluation. Don’t take this on as a DIY project with your internal team. Do it right the first time and don’t continue to struggle with bad service.”

We couldn’t agree more. If your business or job site suffers from poor cellular service, don’t hesitate. Get in touch with the Bolton Install Pros today for a free, 30-minute consultation.


The unit used in this installation was discontinued in 2022. However, numerous other WilsonPro solutions remain available, including the WilsonPro 1100’s direct replacement, the weBoost Office 200. Give Bolton Install Pros a call and we will find the perfect solution for you.