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Cradle Plus Kit - Wilson 30146, FME-Female, interior vehicle antenna, main image
Cradle Plus Antenna Kit, 7.5ft FME-Female
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Cradle Plus Antenna Kit, 7.5ft FME-Female - 301146

(You save $5.00 )
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Product Details

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please consider the Cradle Plus Antenna Kit w/ FME Female Connector | Wilson 301148-B (Replaces Wilson 301146), which includes a SMA-Female to FME-Female connector

The dual band Wilson 301146 Cell Phone Cradle Plus Antenna with FME Female Connector, when combined with any of Wilson's Mobile Wireless or SignalBoost amplifiers and an outside antenna, can dramatically improve the performance of your cell phone or data card.  And, since it is compatible with any hands-free device, including earbuds and Bluetooth products, the Cradle Plus enables you to keep both hands on the wheel while you communicate and enjoy a stronger signal.

The Wilson cellular signal booster (sold separately) amplifies the signal between the cell tower and the cell phone.  The outside antenna (sold separately) collects weak cellular signals and sends them to the signal booster.  The amplifier boosts those signals and broadcasts them through the Cradle Plus, significantly improving the performance of your cell phone or data card.  When transmitting, the booster amplifies your signal and sends it back to the cell tower with up to 10 times more power than your cell phone.  The system extends your signal range, allowing you to communicate in places you never could before!

NOTE:  In some states, state law prohibits drivers from using suction mounts on their windshields when operating motor vehicles.  In such cases, mount the Cradle Plus to your vehicle's vents or dashboard with any of the other brackets supplied in this package.  Wilson assumes no responsibility for any fines, penalties or damages that may result from disregarding this notice.


  • Designed to be used as an interior antenna in vehicles


  • Works with 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories
  • Supports all carriers transmitting at the following frequency bands & gain performance:
    • 700-800 Mhz, -5 dB
    • 824-894 Mhz, .7 dB
    • 880-960 Mhz, -0.8 dB
    • 1710-1880 Mhz, 2.3 dB
    • 1850-1990 Mhz, 2.6 dB
    • 2110-2170 Mhz, 1.5dB

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 301146 Dual band Cell Phone Cradle Plus Antenna with FME Female Connector
  • Wilson 901120 Gooseneck Mount
  • Other Mounting Brackets
  • 7.5' RG174 Coax Cable

Product Features:

  • Connects to existing cellular signal booster
  • Increases driver safety
  • Supports any hands-free device
  • Adjusts to any size cell phone
  • Transfers to multiple vehicles
  • Other mounting brackets (flexible windshield) included
  • Easy to install

Technical Specifications

Frequency  700-960 / 1700-2100 MHz   
Impedance  50 ohms
Connector  FME Female
Coaxial Cable     RG174 − 7.5 feet / 2.286 meters    
Length  4.125 inches / 10.5 cm
Width  2.875-4.5 in / 7.3-11.4 cm
Documentation      Installation Guide





 Additional products to consider:

  • Amplifier
  • Outside Antenna
  • Coax Cable


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