Expansion Kits for Cellular Routers and Hotspots

Boost your connectivity

A signal booster can help you get the best out of your 4G LTE and 5G hotspot, modem, or router by delivering a stronger signal for all of your connected devices. See which one is best for you. View all signal boosters.

What Is a Hotspot M2M Signal Booster?

A hotspot M2M (Machine-to-Machine) signal booster amplifies cellular signals for your cellular router or hotspot. The amplifier connects directly to the cellular router or hotspots via the antenna ports, greatly increasing performance. They include powerful outdoor antennas to capture the best signal possible. There are TS9 and SMA options available.

What is a Hotspot Antenna Expansion Pack?

A hotspot antenna expansion pack includes all the accessories needed to increase cellular signal to your cellular router. You’d install the antenna outside to capture the strongest signal possible and connect it to your cellular router. There are TS9 and SMA options available.

What’s the Difference Between a Hotspot M2M Signal Booster and a Hotspot Antenna Expansion Pack?

The hotspot M2M signal booster kit includes an M2M amplifier, while the hotspot antenna expansion pack does not. The amplifier will help deliver a stronger boost, ideal for areas with weak outside cellular signals. Using just an antenna will also help deliver a stronger signal to your cellular router for better performance at a lower cost, just not as strong as with an amplifier.

Do I Need a Yagi Antenna or Omni Antenna?

Yagi antennas are best for weak signal areas. Directional, they have greater reach to cell towers. Omnidirectional antennas receive signals from all directions and are best for areas with decent outside signal or plug-and-play applications.

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