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Signal is a fundamental building block of our modern interconnected world, but figuring out how to get and maintain it can be a challenge. Our team of signal experts is dedicated to giving you the most trustworthy, unbiased, and accurate information. All Wilson Amplifiers articles are reviewed by at least one member of our team who has critical knowledge of that subject.

We work hard to make solving signal problems easy to understand and actionable so you can make the best decisions for yourself, your business and the people you love.

Sadruddin Currimbhoy
Sadruddin Currimbhoy
Chief Executive Officer

Sadruddin Currimbhoy – or Sid, as we call him around the office - is the Founder and CEO of Wilson Amplifiers, the leading national resellers of Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters - the nation’s number one brand. From its humble beginnings in 2011 as a two-man startup, Wilson Amplifiers has exploded into a significant disrupter in the Signal Booster industry, outselling every incumbent player by a large margin. His expertise in the signal booster and technology space is vast, both due to his 25 years in the telecommunications industry and his engineering background.

Wilson Amplifiers has featured on Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America List for the last four years, as well as the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 List for the previous four years. They were honored to be shortlisted by Houston Business Journal for their Enterprise Champion award in 2018.

When not working, he enjoys regaling the office with dad jokes and clever metaphors.

Andrew Hansen
Andrew Hansen
Chief Operating Officer BoA, Economics

Andrew serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Wilson Amplifiers. He hails from South Africa but got to Texas as soon as he could.

Prior to joining Wilson Amplifiers, he cut his teeth in the Ad Agency World for clients including Dell, Intel, HP and Waste Management. Banking on his “Blue Chip Client” experiences and recognizing the need for agility and cost savings he pivoted Wilson Amplifiers’ efforts from outsourcing to operating all sales and marketing aspects in-house.

His core focus now is on driving strategy, innovation and new business development for Wilson Amplifiers’ various local and international entities.

He’s travelled in over 40 countries, is fluent in 2 languages (Dabbles in 4), and is an Ironman finisher.

When not at work, he’s travelling, playing tennis, mountain biking or spending time with his family.

Justin Klohn
Justin Klohn
Lead Installation Technician

Justin is the Lead Technician at Wilson Amplifiers. He has over four years of experience installing RF, cellular, public safety, and WiFi enhancement systems, with over eight in commercial and residential electrical. Nothing is out of his realm: IT, DAS, public safety - you name it, Justin has installed it. He is WilsonPro Certified as an installer, as well a certified expert in coaxial cable – from on the ground planning to testing and installing. He is also certified in Anritsu spectrum analysis.

When not travelling to and from installation projects, Justin is an avid gamer who enjoys CounterStrike, Call of Duty, and Destiny. When you meet him on a project, ask about his computer rig!

Chris Hatton
Chris Hatton
IT Manager BoS, Computer Science

Chris is the IT Manager at Wilson Amplifiers. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a 10-year Air Force Veteran who served in the Gulf and Iraq wars. His 22 years of IT experience include stints at Chase Manhattan Bank IT, Dimmitt ISD, and Chief Technology Officer for a couple well-known Oil and Gas firms. He has extensive knowledge of WiFi and internet connectivity technology.

When not dominating the WiFi airwaves, he is planning his next beach vacation.