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Always-on Cellular Signal for Demanding Data Usage and for Remote Locations with Limited Connectivity



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Get Complete Energy Cellular Solutions with WilsonPro

When poor cellular signal is affecting your business, then you need a solution. Our commercial cell phone signal boosters amplify 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals up to 32x. Guaranteed results for better signal in a building or vehicle.

Powerful In-Building Coverage
Fleet Coverage
Reliable Backup

With every dropped call, unsent text, and loading screen, work isn’t getting done. A lack of cellular coverage is more than just convenience but also productivity. Having strong 3G & 4G service affects the bottom line.

With hundreds to thousands of cellular devices in one complex building or warehouse, along with other interference such as cell tower distance and building material, searching for quality signal can be an uphill battle.

Our WilsonPro solutions provide strong 3G & 4G coverage for all types of rooms, boosting your wireless network coverage and providing first-class cellular reception.


Many energy companies are dependent on their fleet services.

When out in the field, especially in remote, rural areas where cellular signal is almost non-existent, technicians need to stay connected to perform real-time operations without a hitch.

Our WilsonPro solutions provide stronger mobile cellular service up to 32X, which means reliable 3G & 4G LTE data when in areas with limited connectivity.


Even with landline Wi-fi internet, temporary disconnected service or interrupted power supply can drastically affect the convenience, safety, and secuity of all employees and guests.

Having strong cellular signal as a primary or secondary option means having multiple wireless in-building options to stay connected and up-to-date.

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