Reliable Internet And Cellular Signal For the Hospitality Industry

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Signal Booster Solutions for Hospitality

Get Superior Cellular Service with WilsonPro Signal Boosters

Want to improve the cellular reception in your restaurant, hotel, resort, or motel? Our WilsonPro commercial cell phone signal boosters are the answer. We've performed countless successful installations nationwide and are will help you with everything you need to eliminate poor cell phone signal, dropped calls, and slow data.

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Our Professional Services at a Glance

WilsonAmplifiers Service - Cellular Integration
Cellular Integration
Reliable cellular for rapid communication, data, and promotions
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WilsonAmplifiers Service - System Design
System Design
Pinpoint accurate RF system design capabilities for any sized building
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WilsonAmplifiers Service - LoRaWAN
Rapid, reliable data collection, inventory management, utility tracking, and more
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WilsonAmplifiers Service - Public Safety
Public Safety
Bring your properties up to every local fire code
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WilsonAmplifiers Service - Commercial Networking
Commercial Networking
Cellular-based networking solutions for any number or units or buildings
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WilsonAmplifiers Service - Portable Signal Solutions
Portable Signal Solutions
Rapid-deploy cellular and internet for remote, outdoor, or temporary store sites and spot coverage
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Benefits of a
Professional Signal
Booster Installation

Improve Cell Phone Signal

Whether for leisure, travel, or business, your guests should not have to step outside or leave the room to make a call or get a decent signal.

If your place of business suffers from this problem, you don't need us to tell you it's a disadvantage. Don't give your guests a reason to complain - get your cellular problem fixed by the best.

Faster Data

Your guests will have no cause to complain after our WilsonPro signal booster is installed on your premises. We’ve seen data upload and download speeds spike tremendously after an install due to stronger, more reliable signal reaching everyone’s phone or cellular device.

Eliminate Cell Phone Signal Challenges

Have some pesky areas where you just can’t get reception? It’s likely the fault of your building. Our WilsonPro signal boosters bypass interior building material such as walls and ceilings which cause spotty reception. Get complete coverage, or patch up the dead zones – the choice is yours!

WiFi is Not Enough

Your WiFi service may be impeccable, but no doubt high guest loads strain your system. With 4G and now 5G data streaming now in the mix, what if we told you it could act as a parallel network? Even better, it reduces the load on your WiFi service, giving faster speeds for all. Our WilsonPro signal boosters ensure the constant uptime of the 4G and 5G networks to save you money and frustration.

Best Boosters for the Hospitality Industry

  • 4G & 5G coverage up to 40,000 sq. ft.
  • +70 dB gain and +26 dBm uplink
  • Expansion kits available to extend coverage range
  • Best for: Offices, warehouses, small/medium enterprise
  • Three outdoor antenna ports to target multiple carrier towers
  • 4G & 5G coverage up to 100,000 sq. ft.
  • +70 dB gain and +26 dBm uplink
  • Four independently controlled indoor antenna ports
  • Best for: Offices, warehouses, large enterprise
  • Three outdoor antenna ports to target multiple carrier towers
Best for:
  • Professionally installed at your convenience
  • Supercharge your small business with improved indoor cell signal
  • Cover up to 15,000 sq ft
  • FCC-approved and 5G capable. Works on all US carriers
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