Peplink MAX B One 5G 5G LTE - B-ONE-5G-PRM - Front
Peplink B One 5G Cellular Router

Peplink B One 5G Cellular Router

Peplink MAX B One 5G 5G LTE - B-ONE-5G-PRM - Front
Powerful Professional Grade Signal Booster For Large Commercial Buildings and Large Enterprise
  • Dual-Band WiFi 6, 2X2 MIMO
  • Compatible with Starlink & CPE Modems
  • Dual WAN Ports, Dual SIMs, WiFi WAN, & USB-C WAN
  • Cellular Data Rates Up to 3.4 Gbps
  • SpeedFusion Compatible
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We Offer System Design & Turnkey Installation Services

Installing a commercial-grade cell signal booster system requires a professional's touch. Our team of signal experts will make sure you get coverage where you need it. We have improved indoor cellular coverage in millions of square feet for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Next-Level Networking

Upgrade your internet connectivity with the Peplink B One 5G. Built with a 5G modem and WiFi 6 technology, it offers next-generation data rates up to 3.4 Gbps. Can be used as a primary or backup internet solution for homes, offices, or RVs.

Next-Level Networking
Uninterrupted Uptime

Uninterrupted Uptime

With multiple WAN interfaces, you can build a truly unbreakable network for continuous uptime. The B One 5G features two WAN ports, redundant SIMs, USB-C WAN, and WiFi as WAN. Automatic failover ensures seamless switching for uninterrupted service.

Connectivity Beyond the Sky

Designed to easily integrate 5G with Starlink, the B One 5G closes the connectivity gap relatively anywhere. Via SpeedFusion, you can bond up to three Starlink connections and load balance with other internet services, creating a more robust and reliable Starlink experience.

Connectivity Beyond the Sky
Connect Your Way

Connect Your Way

The B One 5G is compatible with all carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon) and CPE modems from your ISPs, providing exceptional versatility. Effortlessly manage performance remotely and customize SpeedFusion priorities to suit your needs using the Peplink app.

Peplink B One 5G Cellular Router Product Overview

The Peplink B One 5G Router is designed to supercharge your internet experience at an affordable cost. Its multiple-WAN interface with automatic failover enables it to be used as a primary or backup internet solution for fixed or mobile applications.

It features a 5G modem with redundant SIMs, two WAN ports, USB-C WAN, and WiFi as WAN. With SpeedFusion, you can bond and load-balance multiple WAN connections to build an unbreakable network.

Design allows easy integration with Starlink or a CPE modem from your ISP. For 5G connectivity, this Peplink 5G router supports up to two SIM cards or eSIMs from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Technical Specifications

WAN Interface 2 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet
1 x Embedded Cellular Modem with
a Redundant SIM Slot
1 x USB-C Interface
LAN Interface 4x 10/100/1000M Ethernet
Wifi Interface Simultaneous Dual-Band (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
Wi-Fi 6, 2X2 MIMO
Wi-Fi WAN and/or AP
Router Throughput 1Gbps
Recommended Users 1-150
Cellular Data Rate (Downlink / Uplink) 5G: 3.4 Gbps / 900 Mbps
CAT-20: 1.6 Gbps/ 200 Mbps
Dimension 10.31 x 6.33 x 1.31 inches
262 x 161 x 33.5 mm
WEIGHT 1.7 pounds / 756 grams
UPC 811815029892
PDFs Specifications Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast is the B One 5G?

The B One 5G offers cellular data rates up to 3.4 Gbps and max throughput of 1 Gbps.

How Does the Peplink B One 5G Connect to the Internet?

It can connect to the internet via a SIM card or eSIM provided by your cellular carrier, Ethernet WAN, WiFi WAN, or USB-C WAN.

Does the B One 5G Really Support Starlink?

Absolutely. Using a Starlink Ethernet Adapter, you can connect your Starlink antenna to the Ethernet WAN port. If connecting multiple Starlink antennas, you can use SpeedFusion Bonding to enhance your connection.

What is SpeedFusion?

SpeedFusion technology is a powerful VPN tunnel that features Hot Failover, Smoothing, Bandwidth Bonding, and more to create a resilient internet connection across any circumstance.

Does the B One 5G Support FirstNet and Band 71?

Yes. This 5G router can use First Net Band 14 and Band 71.

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